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Expert NameMr. Vitaliy Medvedev
InstitutionNational Scientific Center "Inst. Soil Science & Agrochemistry after A.N. Sokolovsky"
Telephone38 0572 47 05 31
Work ExperienceParticipation in International Projects (INTAS; INCO-COPERNICUS; ASAE;
QualificationsDr. (Soil science), Moscow University, 1982: Professor
Number of Publications599
Awards1. Awards by V.V.Dokuchaev, and W.R.Williams. 2. Honoured worker of Science and technology of Ukraine.
Other Activities1. President of Ukrainian Branch of ISTRO, ESSC, member of JUSS. 2. Editorial Board of Soil Science (Moscow), other of Journals from Germany, USA, RuSsia. 3. Expert of FA0 (Rome), Scientific Coiiiiiiission of EU (Brussels).
Publications1. Medvedev. V.V. (2002), Impact of subsoil compaction on physical soil properties, including erosion / Proceedings 3rd Workshop INCO COPERNICUS Concerted Action “Experiences with the impact of subsoil compaction on soil nutrients, crop growth and environment, and ways to prevent subsoil compaction” (Busteni-Romania, June 14-18 2001), pp.141-147. 2. Medvedev V.V. (2001), Soil degradation in the Ukraine, Newsletter, 112001, pp. 16-19, United Kingdom. 3. Medvedev V., Laktionova T. (1999), Classification and mapping of the soil degradation /Collection of papers by Ukrainian Members of European Society for Soil Conservation, 4, pp. 8- 16. 4. Medvedev V.V., Laktionova T.M. (1999), SOVEUR project for Ukraine - Soil degradation status and vulnerability assessment for Central and Eastern Europe: Preliminary results of the SOVEUR project/ Proceedings of concluding workshop (Busteni, Romania, 26-3 I Oktober 1999), pp. 91-93. 5. Medvedev V.V., Laktionova T.M. (2000), Soil and water qu
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