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Expert NameMr. Victor Tymchuk
TitleSci. Secretary
DivisionInstitute of Plant Growing UAAS
InstitutionInstitut of Plant Growing UAAS
Telephone38 0572 92 43 43
Work ExperienceBreeding of vegetable and field crops for 20 years (10 .patents). A participant of the training course Organisation and Manngement of Seed Production and Supply -Sweden 1995,SW, Svalov. A vice director of “Eltovita” association Kharkov. A secretary of “Slobozhanckoje nacinnja” association Kliarkov of Division for traiding hous “Ukrainian genetical company Kharkov. Head of Division“Ukrainian genetical company”, Kharltov.
QualificationsPhD, Institute of breeding and seed production of vegetable, 1990
Number of Publications54
Other Activities
Publications1. Tymchuk V.M.Barabas1i O.Y., Demcevich L.I., Mirishnichcnco A.I., Plokhih A.I. (1992), Onion and garlic, 176 p., “Urozhaj”, Kyiv. 2. Tymchuk V.M., Tymchuk S.M., Shabctya V.V., lvchenco T.V., Duijakovsky D.L. (1996), The new ways in the work with the gemiplasrn onions collection The melliodical bases of the formation and utilization of the genetical germplasm collection. The materials of thc International Simposium Kharltov, p.200, Kliarkov. 3. Tymchuli S.M.. Reshetnicov M.V., Derebizova O.Y., Tymcliuk V.M. (1999) Thc biochemical content of pea ripening seeds with the different alleles position of locus R. Ovochivnitstvo ta bashtannitstvo. InterDivisional thematical sci. collection Kharkov, 45, pp. 15-23, Kharkov. 4. Tymchuk S.M., Tymchuk V.M., Bog~islavslty R.L., Kusclienko 0.0. (1999), The fatty acid composition of the crucifera vegetable seeds; Ovochivnitstvo ta baslitannitstvo, InterDivisional thomatical sci collection Kharkov, 44, pp.58-67, Kharltov. 5. Tymchuk S.M.,
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