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Expert NameMr. Viktor Tkach
InstitutionUkrainian Scientific-Research Institute of Forestry and Agrarian
Telephone38 0572 43 15 49
Work Experience1. Ukrainian expert on elaboration of Resolution of the Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe. 2. Professor of Chair of Forestry of KhNAU (part-time). 3. Expert of GEF project 011 Support of Biodiversity Potential. 4. Participant of GEF project “Analysis of forestry activity and forest use for protection of biological and Landscape Diversity in the Dniper river basin”.
QualificationsDr. (Forest science and forestry) Lviv Forest-Technical Institute, 1976
Number of Publications101
AwardsDiploma of the State Committee of Forestry of Ukraine.
Other Activities1. Academician of Forest Academy of Science of Ukraine (FASU), director of the Eastern Division of the FASU. 2. Member of Special Council on Defense of Doctor Dissertations in the NAU. 3. Member of Editorial Board of Digest “Science Papers of the FASU”. 4. Member of Editorial Board of Digest “Science Papers of KhNAU”. 5. Chief Editor of Digest “Forestry and Agrarian and Forest Melioration”.
Publications1. V.Tkacli (1999), Meadow Forests of Ukraine, 386p., Pravo, Kharkiv. 2. B.Ostapenko, V.Tkac1i (2002), Forest Typology: Handbook. Part 2,204p., KhDAU, Kharkiv. 3. V.Tkach, G.Gladun, L.Tkach (2002), Forest Melioration on the Edge of XXI: Current Situation and Perspectives// Biilletin of KhNAU, Series: Soil Science, Agrarian Chemistry, Farming and Forestry. No.2, pp. 16-25, Ukrainc. 4. I.Patlay, L Medvedev, V.Tkach (1996), Ways of Forest Growth and Strengthening of Forest Potential of Ukraine// Forestry and Agrarian and Forest Melioration, Vo1.92, pp. 3-8, Ukraine. 5. V.Tkach, G.Gadun, L.Tkach (2000), Role of Forest Plants in Sustainable Functioning of Agrarian Landscapes// Scientific Bulletin of NAU. Kh:NAU. Vo1.25. Forestry, pp. 252-257, Ukraine .
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated28/07/2011 12:12:00

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