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Expert NameMs Tetyana Stelmakhova
TitleThe Chief research assistant
InstitutionLugansk Scientific Research Station of agroforest melioration
Telephone38 0642 95 32 91
Work ExperienceThe Executor on the subjects: “Monitoring of the state, productivity and the variety of the forests of the Ukraine in the conditions of the anthropological transformation of the environment”, “Searching the anthropological transformation of the forests of the green areas of Ukraine and developing and ways of improving their states and reinforcement of the ecological functions” The assistant and the participant i n the project the general introduction of the carbon absorbability by the forest ecology systems. The trade experience is 25 years. Have the knowledge of ways of creating the forests on the sends and hills.
QualificationsDiploma of Engineer of Timber Agriculture given by Voronzeh Timber Technical Institute
Number of Publications22
Other ActivitiesConsultation and reviewing of the works of students from the Minor Academy of Science at the agroforest direction. .
Publications1. Voron V.P., Lavrov V.V., Stelmakhova T.F. (1 996). The Transformation of the forest ecology systems of Ukraine under the influence of industrial air pollution The influence of the air pollution and other anthropological factors on the destabilization of the forest conditions in the central and Eastern Europe, 1, pp.2 1-23. 2. Voron V.P., Lavrov V.V., Prisada I.O., Stelmalthova (1999). T.F. Ecological regulation of agroteclinical pollution of forest ecology systems.: Col.: Forest area and agroforest melioration. 3. Voron V.P., Koval I.M. (2000). The influence of the air pollution on the pine forests of East Donbass: Mag.: Forest Research, I , pp.46-50. 4. Stelmakhova T.F. Goncharenko N.S. (200 1). The increase of the biological variety and stability of forest biocenotes of Lugansk region. The materials of region conference “The general State programme for the national formation of the ecological net for 2000-2015. The social point of view”. pp.27-28. 5. Stelmakhova T.F. (
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated28/07/2011 12:12:00

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