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Expert NameDr. Lyudmila Aksyonova
DivisionInternational Cooperation and Programs Department
Telephone+998 71 239 41 95
Emailomsap(at); laksen7(at)
Work Experience•Management of environmental projects (national and international): overall responsibility for all of the project outcomes and outputs reaching; oversee the work of national and international consultants and ensure they have the necessary administrative support. •Providing to the project managers and chief with advice on ecological monitoring and environmental protection. •Investigation in the field of migration and transformation of mineral salts in soil, atmosphere, water. •Salt and dust transfer by atmosphere from different sources and deposition on soil surface (including the Aral Sea zone). •Management of the environmental indicators database. •Creation of the national environmental indicators, including indicators on land resources, and guideline for indicators application as well. •Development of new chromatography techniques for determinations of inorganic pollutants in soil, water, atmospheric aerosols and deposition. •Familiar with common analytical techniques, chromatography analysis. •Chemical Technology (organic and petrochemical synthesis). •Environment impact assessment. Investigations, development of the reports and other relevant documents.
QualificationsPhD, chemical science (analytical chemistry, applied to environmental protection), State University Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 1991. Master's degree, chemical engineer technologist, Oil and Gas Faculty, Polytechnic Institute, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 1977. Trained for project managment; environmental managment; Environmental impact assessment; Database creation and fundamentals GIS; gender issues; procurement management of works, good and service; public awareness;
Number of Publications79
Other Activities•Participation in design and improvement of the republic and sectoral programs on environmental protection and rational resources use. •Preparation of necessary documents to submit the Government of Uzbekistan for ratification by republic of new international agreements. •Public awareness about rational use and management of natural resources. •Arrangement of national and international meetings, workshops. •Arrangement and holding field works.
Publications1.S. Samoylov, U. Abdujalilov, L. Aksyonova and etc. 2008. National Report about environmental state and nature resources use. P. 186-195, 267-292. “Chinor”, Tashkent. 2.L.Aksyonova, N. Gorelkin, Yu. Kovalevskaya, and etc. 2008. Environmental profile of Uzbekistan, base on environmental indicators. 100 p. “Mega Basim”, Istambul. 3.L.Aksyonova, N. Gorelkin, Kh. Magdiev and others. 2008. Environmental Atlas of Uzbekistan. 63 p. State scientific-production organization “Kartographiya”, Tashkent. 4.Kh. Sherimbetov, A. Shekhovtsov, L. Aksyonova and etc. 2005. Guideline principals on application of the environmental indicators to monitor the state of the environment in Uzbekistan. 218 p. “PATENT-EXPRESS”, Tashkent. 5.L. Aksyonova, G. Tolkacheva. RD 68.02.14:2002. Guideline for determination of concentration of water-soluble ions of fluorides, chlorides, sulphates, hydrophosphates, nitrate, lithium, potassium, ammonium, sodium in soils by method of the ionic chromatography. 19 p. Glavgidromet, Tashkent.
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