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Expert NameDr. Gulchekhra Khasankhanova
DivisionSoil Reclamation and Irrigation, National Secretariat CACILM, Uzhydromet
Telephone+998 71 1400592
Work ExperienceOver 20 years he has professional experience in water and agricultural sectors in Uzbekistan and Aral Sea Basins, specialising in the preparation, management, planning and design of the feasibility study, technical projects and environmental assessment projects, as well as providing review and synthesize I&D programs, the economic and financial analysis of the irrigation and drainage investments, assist in formulation strategic priorities and action plans? Since 1994 she has significant experience in working out technical projects and design of the feasibility study in collaboration with the World Bank, EC-Tacis, FAO, GEF, ADB and other. The last relevant expirience was gained as a M&E Specialist of the National Secretariat of the CACILM (Phase 1, 2007-2009) under which she was responsible for monitoring and evaluation, review and implementation of the SLM projects, and dissemination of the SLM best practices and learned lessons. She familiar with soil survey and land use inventory and GIS/RS techniques, as well as LADA approaches and methodologies, global LADA LUS, SLM best practices, participatory methods and tools of the result-based M&E.
Qualifications(i) M.SA. (Masters of Soil Science and Agro-chemistry). Tashkent State University, Uzbekistan (Sep 1965 – June 1970) (ii) Ph.D of Agriculture. Tashkent Irrigation Engineers and Agriculture Mechanization Institute (Sep 1982 – February 1985).
Number of Publications57
Awards1. The Official Invitation on the UNCCD 1st Scientific Conference. UNCCD COP-9, Oct 2009, Argentina. 2. Nomination to GEF Constituency Meeting for Central Asia and Azerbaijan, Berne, Switzerland, 3-4 May 2011. 3. USAID / EPIC / Harvard University, Kazakhstan – Uzbekistan (1998) and WMO / FAO / UNEP Tashkent, Uzbekistan (1997), etc.
Other Activities1.Preparation of the Uzbekistan report in the framework of the 4th Reporting and Review Cycle -2010 under UNCCD Performance Review and Assessment of Implementation System, October, 2010; 2.Deputy Team Leader/Natural Resource expert of CACILM, 2005-2006 3.As a member of Amudarya Case study team of the EU NeWater Research project, 2006-2008 4.FAO GLOBAL Network on Integrated Soil Management for Sustainable Use of Salt Affected Soils (SPUSH), 1995-2002 and 2007; 5. Member of International Water Association, 2003 etc
Publications1.G. Khasankhanova, T. Khamzina et al (2009)- Using LADA methodology for development national SLM-Information System of Uzbekistan in assessment and mitigation of land degradation and climate change impact. UNCCD First Scientific Conference Understanding desertification and land degradation trends.Poster Session at the UNCCD COP-9, October 2009, Argentina. 2. Umid Abdullaev, Vladislav Talskikh, Gulchekhra Khasankhanova , Raisa Taryannikova, Ilya Joldasova and Maja Schlüter (2010)- Integrating environmental flows into water management to sustain wetland ecosystem services - Learning from EU NeWater research in the lower Amudarya River Basin. CAWa International Scientific Symposium “Water in Central Asia”, 2010. Tashkent, Uzbekistan. 3.UNDP, 2007, Water critical resource for Uzbekistan’s future. -Tashkent: 121 p. 4. Gulchekhra Khasankhanova (2003). Public participation to improve water resource management in Uzbekistan. The 7th IWA International Conference on Diffuse Pollution, August 2003Dublin, Ireland. 5.G. Khasankhanova (2001) Degraded Soils in Uzbekistan: Extent, Present Use, and Management and Rehabilitation of Salt Affected Soils, FAO, SPUSH, 2001. Spain, Valencia.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated24/03/2014 17:20:00

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