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Expert Name Natalya Shulgina
DivisionInternational Cooperation Department, Hydrometeorological Research Institute (NIGMI), Uzhydromet
Telephone00998 71 2359140
Work Experience1. National Capacity Building Coordinator in Uzbekistan at “Central Asian Countries Initiative for Land Management (CACILM): Multicounry Capacity Building Project” of UNDP; 2. Manager in preparatory phase of project - “Strengthening multi-sectoral, cross-institutional coordination in Rio Convention (UNCBD, UNCCD, UN FCCC) implementation through targeted institutional strengthening and professional development“ UNDP/GEF 3. National expert on social and gender aspects for the preparation of National Programming Framework in the scope of Central Asian Countries Initiative for Land Management (CACILM), ADB; 4. Desertification Working Group Coordinator in the scope of National Capacity Needs Self-Assessment for Global Environmental Management (NCSA) project, GEF/UNDP Thematic areas: land degradation, integrated natural resource management; Geographical areas of experience: Central Asia
QualificationsMSc. in Applied Mathematics,Tashkent Polytechnic Institute, 1982
Number of Publications5
Other Activities
Publications1. N.Shulgina,__ V. Usmanov, 2004, _”Extreme weather and climate events in Central Asia” , Proceedings of International Symposium on Extreme Weather and Climate Events, their Dynamics and Predictions, Beijing, p.147-150 2. N.Shulgina, 2003, “ Experience of activities on improving of rural population wellbeing in desert areas of Uzbekistan”, Proceedings of NATO International Workshop, Samarqand, Uzbekistan, 2003,. 90-92 p. 3. N.Shulgina, “Link between level of land degradation and living standards in Uzbekistan@ . Alumni publications, volume1, 2006, “Alunmi for Millenium Development Goals Program”, JICA, Tashkent, 39-46 p 4. G.Khasankhanova; R.Taryannikova; T.Khamzina; R.Ibragimov; N.; B.Kadirov, “Assessment of extent, cost and impacts of land degradation to enhance sustainable land management – learning from CACILM Partnership Program in Uzbekistan, Central Asia», Proceedings of UNCCD 2nd Scientific Conference, Extended abstracts, 2013, p 324-327
DisciplineDesertification Research
Last updated24/03/2014 16:01:00

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