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Expert Name Sergey Myagkov
TitleDeputy Director
DivisionHydrometeorological Research Institute (NIGMI) of Uzhydromet
Telephone998 71 235 83 29
EmailNIGMI(at)ALBATROS.UZ; sergik1961(at)
Work Experience2000-P.T., Deputy director of Hydrometeorological Research Institute (NIGMI) Uzhydromet 1993-1997, Head of Hydrological Forecasting Laboratory of NIGMI 2002-2003, Project Manager: Combat Desertification in Bukhara Region.GTZ-CCD. 1998-1999, Project Manager: National Action Plan for Combat Desertification. UNEP,UNDP 1997, Participant of the “Management of Change” subprogram of UNDP/ UNV. Include the practical work into US Geological Survey (USGS), Tacoma, WA, USA 1996, Manager of project ”The Hydrological model for short-term forecasting runoff in the Amudarya river” support from USAID 1992-1993, Scientist of Glaciology Laboratory of NIGMI, Tashkent, Uzbekistan 1983-1992, Scientist, Major Scientist of the Complex Research Department of the Central Asian Research Irrigation Institute (SANIIRI), Tashkent, Uzbekistan Thematick areas: Mathematical modeling of hydrological processes (flood and drought), preparation and calibrate of satellite images for the land and water and show cover condition, GIS technology, programmer for Turbo-C and Surfer system.
Qualifications2010 - Professor on Hydrology, hydraulic and water resource 1992 - Ph.D. in Technical Science and Math, Institute of Irrigation, Tashkent, Uzbekistan “Mathematical modeling of the Irrigation field and Amudarya river in the Khorezm region” 1994- NATO Advanced Study Institute, IL Ciocco, Pisa, Italy, ”The Global Water Cycle” 1983- Diploma: Engineer -Hydrologist, Tashkent State University, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Number of Publications50
Other ActivitiesPARTICIPANT OF THE: • Building a Local Government Alliance for Disaster Risk Reduction (Incheon, Republic of Korea, 2009) • The GEOSS Asia Water Cycle Initiative (Kyoto, Japan, 2009) • 5th World Water Forum (Istanbul, Turkey, 2009) • International Workshop on Groundwater Management in Arid and Semi-arid Countries (Cairo, Egypt, 2005) •International Conference MPMD-2005 water disaster (Kyoto, Japan, 2005) •International Workshop on Safe Drinking Water in Developing Countries (Trieste, Italy, 2004) • International Symposium on Sand and Dust Storm (Beijing, China,2004) • The International Symposium on Space Technology Applications for Sustainable Dry Land Development and Desertification Monitoring (Beijing, china, 2003) • Water Resources Management for Agriculture in Arid, Semi-arid and Sub-humid Lands (Damascus, Syria, 2002) • Workshop on Desertification Monitoring and Assessment (Tokyo, Japan, 2001), • 2-nd Symp. On Tillage erosion and Tillage Translocation. (Leuven. Belgium. 1999) • Subregional Action Programme for CCD (Almaty. Kazakhstan. 2001) • Asia Regional Workshop for UNCCD (Bangkok, Thailand.2000) • Workshop of the Asian Regional TPN1 UNCCD (Tokyo, Japan.2000)
Publications•Book: The Information systems in Hydrology and Irrigation (in Russian). Tashkent, 2002 • A model of water and salt exchange between a river and groundwater. IAHS 1995 • Mapping of the soil erosion. Problems of Desert Development.1998. • A method for analysis satellite images. Application of remote sensing in hydrology. NHRI, 1994. • Movement of salt and water in land and water systems, Vol. 55.2.05(1994) WMO Publ. • The influence of human activities on water-salt regime of Amudarya river. Journal Annals Geophysical, Vol. 13,1995.
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