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Expert NameDr. Maxwell Mudhara
DivisionFarmer Support Group
Telephone27 084 804 3729
Work Experience1. Project formulation 2. Mid-term and end of project evaluation. 3. Impact Assessment.
QualificationsPhD Food and Resource Economics, University of Florida, Gainesville, US.A 2001
Number of Publications31
Other ActivitiesMembership to the International Association for Farming Systems Research and Extension
Publications1. Assefa, A.; A. Waters-Bayers, R. Fincham and M. Mudhara, M. (2009) Comparison of frameworks for studying grassroots innovation: Agricultural innovation systems and agricultural knowledge and innovation systems. In Sanginga C.; A., Waters-Bayers; S. Kaaria; N. Jemimah and C. Wettasinha. Innovation Africa: Enriching farmers’ livelihoods (Eds) Earthscan, UK. 2. Ngubane, N., and M. Mudhara (2008) Farmer access to innovation resources in South Africa: Synthesis of lessons learnt. Action research Phase 1 April 2006– April 2008. Farmer Support Group, South Africa. 3. M. Mudhara, P. Anandajayasekeram, B. Kupfuma and E. Mazhangara. Impact Assessment of Cotton Research in Zimbabwe: 1970–1995. In P. Anandajayasekeram, M. Rukuni, S. Babu, F. Liebenberg and C.L. Keswani (eds) Impact of Science on African Agriculture and Food Security. CAB International. pp 192-198. 2007. 4. Thangata, P.H., M. Mudhara, C. Grier and P.E. Hildebrand. Potential for agroforestry adoption in Southern Africa: A comparative study of improved fallow and green manure adoption in Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Ethnobotany Research & Applications 5: 67-75. 2007. 5. J. Nyamangara, M. Mudhara and K.E. Giller. Effectiveness of cattle manure and nitrogen fertilizer application on the agronomic and economic performance of maize. South African Journal of Plant Soil. 22(1) p 59-64. 2005
Last updated27/05/2013 18:12:00

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