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Expert NameMr. Béatrice DeloEtumesako
DivisionAttached Office Desertification, Drought and Land DegradationDepartment of Environment, Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation and Tourism
CountryDemocratic Republic of Congo
Telephone00 243 825073371/ 099 990 59 57
Emailbeaetum(at); redc_minev(at)
Work ExperienceAs expert in the Department of Sustainable Development, of the Ministry of Environment and Nature Conservation and Tourism, we are dealing with issues related to desertification, land degradation and drought for its implementation in national / Rdc work taking into account the decisions and recommendations made under the unccd and we also have specific experience in the field of administration; Areas of expeirence: Political and Administrative Sciences, Land survey and Management, Conservation of Biodiversity Geographical areas of field experience: DR Bongo and Africa
QualificationsLicense / Political and Administrative Sciences / National Pedagogical University / 2008
Number of Publications2
Other Activities1. I’m also implicated as the delegate of my directoret as the development of the PNEFEB (Programme National Environnement, Forêt, Eau et Biodiversité); 2. I’m also implicated as delegate in the developpement of NAMA’S projetct in DRC (climate change)
Publications1. Policies for managing human resources of public business, if REGIDESO, Memory license, 2008.127 pages (unpublished) 2. Support for street children in the DRC, working cycle end, 2006, 96 pages (unpublished)
DisciplinePolitical Science
Last updated03/12/2014 12:35:00

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