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Expert NameMr. Ernest Manganda
TitleResearcher and Coordination
DivisionONG FIEF
CountryDemocratic Republic of Congo
Telephone00 243 999939669 /0024315125923
Emailongfief(at); ongfief(at), mangandaernest(at)
Work ExperienceOur most important project experience is the use of ’’ Mucuna Utilis’’.The global objective of our experience aimed soils fertilization and restoration in order to combat drought and desertification. Such a practice increases agriculture production and contributes in food security .Specific objectives have promoted agriculture activities among women and children considered to be the basic workers in rural and urban traditional agriculture. By these objectives ,they have received seeds ,formation and training in order to improve both soils quality and productivity by planting mucuna utilis in their fields. With mucuna utilis, no more jachere is needed: it is a complete and natural fertilizer ,able to stop soils drought and erosions and to allow sustainable Ecosytems management.
QualificationsLICENSE RURAL DEVELOPMENT,BUJUMBURA UNIVERSITY 1977; UNDERGRADUATE at the faculty of Commercial and Financial Science UNAZA/CIDEP 1980
Number of Publications5
Awards1. Certificat Namibia 2. Certificat Turquie
Other Activities1. RIOD 2. RONAAC
Publications(1) Environment,People and Development(Experiences from Desert Ecosystems); (2) Impact of climate change on soil behavior and productivity.Soil resilience to drought and desertification in 2009. Case study of Kwango district-Province of Bandundu-DRC; (3) Etude sur l’Etat de lieu de la Foresterie communautaire en RDC. Cas du District du Kwango; (4) The deforestation in the Bas-Congo province rural area:Stategies for a sustainable development in 2004; (5) La reconnaissance des droits environnementaux de l’homme en 2001
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