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Expert NameMr. Kenny L. Samui
DivisionSchool of Forestry and Wood Science
InstitutionUniversity of Zambia
Telephone260 1 293727
Work ExperienceTeaching and administrative experiences. I have been lecturing, for eleven (11) years and has been involved in administrative work for eight (8) years.
QualificationsDVM, MVMSc, IEV academy, 1984. MPVM, PhD, Epidemiology/Preventive Medicine, Louisiana state, 1995
Number of Publications7
Awards1. Sovient union scholarship for DVM/MVMSc 2. FAO/UNDP schoolarship for MPVM - USA 3. Unza senior research fellowship - PhD, USA 4. Labour award - 2000
Other Activities1. National Epidemiologist 2. District veterinary officer 3. Member of board of Studies and examiners 4. Member of school continuing professional development committee 5. Member of establishment of epidemiology and economics unity
PublicationsSamui, K.L. and hugh Jones, M.E. (1990): The epidemiology of bovine dermatophilosis in Zambia. Veterinary research communications 14(4) 267-278 Netherlands. 2. Samui, K.L and Hugh Jones, M.E. (1990): The financial and production impacts of bovine dermatophilosis in Zambia. Veterinary research communications 14(5) 357-365 netherlands 3. Nambota A., Samui K., Sugimoto C. Kakuta T. and Onuma M. (1994), Theileriosis in Zambia: Etiology, Epidemiology and control measures. JPN., J. vet res. 42:1-18 Japan
DisciplineAnimal Science
Last updated15/01/2007 16:53:00

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