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Expert NameMr. Ephraim Chabayanzara
DivisionDepartment of Agricultural Economics and Extension
InstitutionUniversity of Zimbabwe
Telephone263 4 303211 ext 1582
Work Experience- 1986-1991: Research fellow: Zimbabwe Institute of Development Studies: Initiated and conducted policy research and disseminated information and research findings through publications, seminars and workshops. - 1992-1997: Technical Services Manager: Agricultural Finance Corporation: Researched into group lending approaches to influence the Corporation to change its lending policies and practices from individual to group credit. - 1997-1998: Economics and Markets Specialist: Indigenous Commercial Farmers Union: * Lobbied government, politicians, banks, donors, input suppliers, transporters and freighters, extension and research to support indigenisation policy for indigenous people to take up farming on a more commercial basis; * Influenced the indigenous commercial farmers to accept the fair trade practices such as sound labour practices, no use of child labour, proper chemical usage and good agricultural/environmental practices in order to access the export markets in the Europe
QualificationsM.Sc., Agricultural Development, University of London, 1991 B.Sc., Agriculture (Agricultural Economics), Honours, University of Zimbabwe, 1984
Number of Publications4
Other Activities1. Member of the Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) Network of Zimbabwe with primary objective to impart participatory methodologies to development work; 2. Member researcher of the African Rural Policy Analysis Network (ARPAN) based in Ibadan, Nigeria with a primary objective to strengthen African researcher's' capacity to conduct policy research for rural development in Africa and supported by the Winrock International Institute for Agricultural Development in New York, USA; 3. Member of the Economics and Policy Initiative for Southern Africa: A new initiative within the Soil Fertility Network for Maize Based Farming Systems in Malawi and Zimbabwe, funded through a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation and CIMMYT; 4. Secretary of the Energy Forum Zimbabwe that is an IT supported organisation to promote community renewable energy resources and technologies.
Publications1. Chabayanzara, E., Mudimu, G., and Mutimukuru, T., 2000: Smallholder soil nutrient management (SNM), soil and water conservation (SWC) and plant genetic resources conservation (PGR) technologies in Zimbabwe: A review of literature for the 'Demand assessment of resource conserving technologies in Tanzania and Zimbabwe, a Reading /DFID project (non-refereed); 2. Indebtedness of smallholder farmers to financial institutions. Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Zimbabwe in support of the Zimbabwe Farmers Union, Harare, 1997 (non-refereed); 3. Smallholder irrigation development: Impact on food production, income generation and employment. Issues in African Rural Development. African Rural Policy Analysis Network. Winrock International Institute for Agricultural Development. USA. 1994 (refereed); 4. Chabayanzara, E., Chakaodza, B.K., Chiwawa, H., Makoni, B., and Jassat, E.M., 1990: People's participation in Rushinga District, Mashonaland Central province. Zimbabwe Institute of Development Studie
DisciplineAgricultural Sciences
Last updated10/05/2007 11:43:00

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