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Expert NameMr. Andrew Evaristo Matibiri
TitleSenior Biotechnologist/Head of Department
DivisionBiotechnology Department
InstitutionTobacco Research Board
Telephone263 4 575 293
Work ExperienceHave participated in a number of consultancies and national studies.
QualificationsB.Sc., Agriculture, University of Zimbabwe, 1981 M.Phil, Agriculture, University of Zimbabwe, 1983 Ph.D., Agriculture, University of Zimbabwe, 1993
Number of Publications16
Awards1. Consultants Trust Post Graduate Scholarship 2. Zimbabwe State Lotteries Fellowship
Other Activities- International Association for Plant Tissue Cultures - Grow Science Society of Zimbabwe - Zimbabwe National Plant Genetic Resources Committee - Agriculture Technical Committee
Publications1. Matibiri, E.A., and Mantell, S.H., 1994: Cybridization in Nicotiana Tobacco. Using double inactivation of parental protoplasts and post-fusion selection based on nuclear encoded and chloroplast encoded genes. Theoretician and applied genetics 88: 1017-1022; 2. Matibiri, E.A. and Mantell, S.H., 1995: Comparative effects of fusion facilitators on electrofusion attributes of N. Tabacum and mesophyll protoplasts. Plant cell tissues and organ culture 40: 367-374; 3. Ottino, P., Matabiri, E.A., and Mbaya, A., 1998: Rapid purification of high activity taqana polymerase expressed in transformed E. coli cells. Transactions of the Zimbabwe Scientific Association 72: 26-31. 4. Matabiri, E., 1989: Plant tissue culture and plant propagation. The Zimbabwe Science News 23 (46): 38-40; 5. Matibiri, E.A., 1996: Characterization of Trichoderma harzianum strains. Biotechnology (Zimbabwe) 2 (4): 5-7.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated10/05/2007 11:47:00

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