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Expert NameMr. Peter Clever Gondo
DivisionForestry Extension Services
InstitutionZimbabwe Forestry Commission
Telephone263 4 498 436/9
Work ExperienceI have been involved in the planning, design, implementation and monitoring of environmental projects particularly forestry since 1987. As Manager-FES, I have been responsible for not only directing the implementation of forestry projects but have been responsible for advising and representing the Government of Zimbabwe in forestry policies at international level. At the practical level, I have been involved in the development of community-based natural resources management strategies and extension support. Some of the work has represented forestry responses to the biodiversity contributing to the formulation of biodiversity desertification and climate change conventions in particular contributing to the formulation of biodiversity strategy and action plan for Zimbabwe and production of national reports.
QualificationsB.Sc., Biological Sciences and Geography, University of Zimbabwe, 1994 M.Sc., Forest Management, Aberdeen University, 1993 M.Sc., Strategic Business Management, Derby University (currently)
Number of Publications26
AwardsCountry Vice-President of International Tropical Forests Society (ITSF)
Other Activities1. Zimbabwe representative at the UN's Intergovernmental Forum on Forests; 2. Currently involved in the CIFOR sponsored forest) policy study to identify policy issues impacting on forest resource management; 3. International Forestry Advisory Group 4. Zimbabwe Institute of Management 5. FAO expert group on forest resources assessment
Publications1. Nhira, C., Baker, S., Gondo, P.C., Mangono, J.J., and Marunda, C., 1998: Contesting Inequality in Access to Forests, HED, London; 2. Chipika, J.T., Gondo, P.C., and Chitiga, M., 1999: Sectoral and Extra-Sectoral Policies and their impact on Management and Utilization of Miombo Woodlands. CIFOR, Harare; 3. Gondo, P.C., 1993: A review of sampling designs for inventories of Miombo Woodlands with special reference to Woodland in Zimbabwe. MSc., Thesis, Aberdeen; 4. Gondo, P.C., and Mkosana, F., 1992: In situ and ex situ Conservation of some important tree species in Zimbabwe, in G.D. Pierce and P. Shaw (Eds.) Forestry Research Advances in Zimbabwe, Harare; 5. Gondo, P.C., 1995: Woody Biomass Production and use in Zimbabwe. A contribution towards the Development of the National Biomass Energy Strategy.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated10/05/2007 11:44:00

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