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Expert NameMr. Petros Nyathi
TitleDeputy Director
DivisionLivestock and Pastures
InstitutionDepartment of Research and Specialist Services
Telephone263 4 704531
Work ExperienceHave conducted and participated in diagnostic and design surveys, environmental audits and participatory research in the rural areas of Zimbabwe. I have been involved in consultancy work for the Institute of Environmental Studies in which I have written popular articles about the role of trees in environmental conservation. I have participated in resource sharing work aimed at empowering communities to use forest resources (honey production, fuelwood) etc. Conservatively, I am currently working on a book chapter in soil fertility for the tropical soil biology and fertility programme.
QualificationsPh.D., Plant Ecology/Soil Science/Agriculture, University of Zimbabwe, 1997 M.Sc., Agronomy, West Virginia University, USA, 1983 B.Sc., (Hons.), Crop Science, University of Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, 1981
Number of Publications22
Awards- Chairman of the Research Implementation Committee of the IFAD-funded smallholder Dry Areas Resource Management Project; - National Chairman, McKnight Foundation Advisory Committee for collaborative projects in Zimbabwe (University of Zimbabwe/Universit
Other Activities1. Member of Grasslands Society of Zimbabwe 2. Member of Scientific Association of Zimbabwe 3. Member of Tropical Soil Biology and Fertility Network 4. Board Member of Livestock Development Trust of Zimbabwe 5. National Steering Committee Member/Chair-Research Implementation Committee, Smallholder Dry Areas Resource Management Project
Publications1. Nyathi, P., and Campbell, B.M., 1993: The acquisition and use of Mkombo litter by small-scale farmers in Masvingo, Zimbabwe. Agroforestry Systems, 22:43-48; 2. Nyathi, P. and Campbell, B.M., 1994: Leaf Quality of sesbania sesban, leucaena leucocephala and brachystegia spiciformis: Potential agroforestry species. Forest ecology and management, 64: 259-264; 3. Nyathi, P., Dhliwayo, H.H., and Dzowela, B.H., 1995: The response of three Leucaena leocephala cultivars to a four cycle cutting frequency under rainfed dryland conditions in Zimbabwe. Tropical Grasslands, 29: 9-12; 4. Nyathi, P. and Campbell, B.M., 1997: Influence of the tree litter on nutrients status of sandy soil. African Crop Science Conference Proceedings, 3: 413-419; 5. Nyathi, P. and Campbell, B.M., 1995: Interaction effect of tree leaf litter, manure and inorganic fertilizer on the performance of maize. African Crop Science Journal, 3(4): pp. 451-456.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated10/05/2007 11:54:00

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