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Expert NameMr. Stefan Sommer
TitleAction Leader
DivisionDirectorate General JRC
InstitutionEuropean Commission
CountryEuropean Community
Telephone39 0332 789631
Work ExperienceScientific officer of the European Commission in charge of the Mediterranean Ecosytems Monitoring Sector (MECOM) of the Space Applications Institute (1995 to 2001). Responsible scientist for JRC contribution to desertification research projects funded by the European Commission (DG RTD): MEDALUS III, DeMon 2, GeoRange, DesertLinks- Since Sept 2001, reponsible for remote sensing applications at the IES Soil & Waste Unit _
QualificationsMSc. Geology, University of Munich, 1985
Number of Publications60
Other ActivitiesAssociate Member European Federation of Geologists (EFG/FEG)
Publications1. Hill J., Mehl W. & Mégier J., 1995: Use of Earth Observation Satellite Data for Land Degradation Mapping and Monitoring in Mediterranean Ecosystems: Towards a Satellite Observatory. In: Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 37, pp. 1-16. Kluwer Academic Publishers. 2. Sommer S., Hill J. & Mégier J., 1998: The potential of remote sensing for monitoring rural land use changes and their effects on soil conditions. In: Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 67, 2-3, pp. 197-209, Elsevier Science B.V. 3. Leone A.P. & Sommer S., 2000: Multivariate analysis of laboratory spectra for the assessment of soil development and soil degradation in the southern Apennines (Italy). Remote Sensing of Environment. 72, pp. 346-359. Sommer S., 2000: Advanced Technologies to Support Mitigation Action Planning - Integrating Remote Sensing, Field Observation and Modelling. Advanced study Course on Desertification in Europe: Mitigation Strategies, Land Use and Planning, Alghero, Italy June 1999, EUR 19
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