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Expert NameProf. Aleh Atroshchanka
TitleHeld of Forest inventory department
Cityt. Minsk
Telephone 2275270
Work Experience1. Forest certification in Belarus as expert on the system FSC (SOIL ASSOClATlON WOODMARK). 2. The scientific leader during 1991- 2005 years of the Belarus scientific-technical programme in ecological, economic and social problems of forestry and forest industry. 3. Rational use of natural resources of Baïkal region (Russia). 4. Conservation of a biodiversity of forest of Belovezhskaya Pushcha, Belarus.
Qualifications1. Forest engineer (1962) 2. Doctor of science, professor (1989)
Number of Publications180
Awards1. Honored Forester of Bealrus. 2. Honored Doctor of the St.-Petersburg forest industry Academy (Russia). 3. Excellent teacher of education of Belarus.
Other Activities1. Main designer of the "Information forestry management system" of Belarus. 2. The representative of BSTU in the European Forest Institute. 3. The chairmanof the Belarus society of silviculturists.
Publications1. Atroshchanka A., Tolkach I. "Remote sensing of forest and geoinformation systems in forestry." Monograph, Minsk, 2004 p.370 2. Atroshchanka A. "Modeling of forest growth and forestry processings Monograph." Minsk, 2005 p. 247 3. Atroshanka A. "Information Forestry Management - system of Republic of Belarus." Forestry Information System 2000, Conference Finland, 2000. 4. Atroshchanka A. "The Sustainable Forest management: - theory and practice." BSTU, Forestry, 11. 4 Minsk, 1999. 5. Atroshanka A. "The geoinformation systems in forestry, forestry and hunting. 2, Minsk1999.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated12/01/2007 14:41:00

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