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Expert NameProf. Vladimir Loginov
DivisionInstitute for Problems of Natural Ressources Use and Ecology
Telephone375 017 2642632
Work ExperienceSpecialist in the sphere of meteorology, climatology and agrometeorolopy. Main research and its impact on agricultural, water and forest economy. A great direction of scientific activity relates to climate cycle of works deals with modern climate change of Belarus under the impact of natural and anthropogenic factors, extreme climatic phenomena (frosts, droughts) on farm production. Experienced in the field of data control on the environment state. Author and editor of annual ecological bulletins "State of Belarus Nature Environment for 199 1 - 2003", state reports, participated in the development of National Strategy of Sustainable socio-economical development of RB on 2020. Participated in realization of international proiects, is an INTAS projects expert.
QualificationsCandidate for Geographical Sciences (PhD), Leningrade State Univ., 1967. Dr. of Geographical Scie., Moscow State Univ.1982., Professor 1989. Academician - 2000.
Number of Publications
Awards1. Laureate of the state premium of the Republic of Belarus in the sphere of science and technique, 2003. 2. Honorary Certificate of Parliamentary Meeting of Belarus and Russia.
Other Activities1. Member of regional managing Committee of the International Program - "Leaders in the sphere of environment and development". 2. Member of the Commission on the issues of ecology, nature management and liquidation of accidents results of Parliament Meeting of the Council of Belarus and Russia. 3. Chairman of the State Expert Council of the Committee of Science and Technology on ecology and rational use of natural resources. 4. Chairman of the Expert Council of the Supreme Attestation Commission.
Publications1. Loginov V.F. 2001. Droughts, - their possible reasons and prediction prerequisites. Works of Intern Conf. Disastrous natural processes: geogr., ecology. and social-economic. 2. Vologda. Loginov V.F. et al. 2003. Changes of Belarus climate and their consequences. Monograph. 330 p. "Tonpik". Minsk. 3. Loginov V.F. et al. 2002. Natural Environment of Belarus. Monograph N0000, Bip-S Minsk. 4. Loginov V.F. et al. 2004. Forecast of the change of surrounding natural environment of Belarus. Monograph. Rup "Minsktipproyect". Minsk. 5. Loginov - V.F. et al. 2004. Scientific publication. Practice of application of statistical methods to analyse and forecast natural processes. Book. Brest state techn. univers. Brest.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated12/01/2007 14:42:00

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