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Expert NameMr. Nikolay Bambalov
TitleAcademician, Head of the laboratory of the Landscape Biogeochemistry
DivisionInstitute for Problems of Natural Resources Use and Ecology
Telephone375 017 2644140
Work Experience1989-1990 Joint project of the United Arab Emirates, Russia and Belarus for desert greening by using peat and sapropel. Field experiments were being conducted in 5 places of the UAE with vegetables, grain crops, palm-trees, mangos, citrus plants and perennial grasses. 1995-1997 Joint project of the Egypt, Japan and Belarus for desert greening by using peat and sapropel. Field experiments were being conducted with vegetables, wheat, palm seedlings, olives and forest trees. 2001-2002, 2004 Central Europeant Peatland project under leadership of the Wetland International. 2002-2003 UNDP project for enhancement of river Dnepr basin.
QualificationsBelarussian Agricultural Academy, faculty of Soil Science and agrochemistry, 1956-1961. Postgraduate student of Peat Institute of NAS of Belarus, 1963-1966.
Number of Publications322
Other Activities1. Chairman of the international Peat Society Commission IV "Physical, Chemical and Biological Characteristics of Peat"
Publications1. T. Yamaguchy, I. Nishizaki, N. Bambalov and G. Sokolov, 1997. "Arid land reclamation with natural organic materials." Journal of Arid Land studies (Japan), Vol. 7, N°1, pp. 35-44. 2. N. Bambalov, G. Sokolov, 1998. "New soil agents for accelerated cultivation of soils with low fertility or damaged". Internationa Agrophysics, N° 12, pp. 357-360. 3. N. Bambalov, 2000. "Problems of ecological rehabilitation of lake mire complexes." Acta Agrophysica, N°26, Lublinie, Poland, pp. 109-119. 4. N. Bambalov, 1999. "Dynamics of organic matter in peat soil under the conditions of sand mix culture during 15 years." International Agrophysics, N° 13, pp. 269-272. 5. N. Bambalov, V. Rakovich, B. Matveeva, 2004. "How to stop degradation of drained peat soils." Belarussian Agriculture, N° 2, pp. 2-5 (In Russian).
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated12/01/2007 14:42:00

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