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Expert NameDr. Uladzimir Sauchanka
DivisionNature Management
Telephone375 17 2005476
Work ExperienceMy expert activities are related to the land use planning and assessment of consequences of Land degradation Development and amendment of legislation acts devoted to sustainable use of land. Elaboration of national action program to combat land degradation in Belarus (Adopted in 2011).Supervision on preparation and submission three national reports on UNCCD implementation in Belarus
Qualifications1. Diploma of Higher Education with Honors: physical geographer, geomorphologist: Belarussian State University. Geographical Faculty; 1982-1987. 2. PH.D Environmental Geochemistry, Land Degradation, Soil Contamination, Minsk, 1993 3. Diploma of qualification with Honors; economist-manager Academy of Management under Supervision of the President of the Republic of Belarus, Faculty Administration; 2001-2003. (4). Certificate in English proficiency: Belarussian Academy of Sciences; 1995 -1997.
Number of Publications125
Awards1. Award in the field of nature protection 2. Ministry of natural resources and environmental protection of the Republic of Belarus
Other Activities1. Member of the Geographical society of Belarus 2. National expert for the important plant Azeas-Ivcn. 3. Member of the expert committee of state 4. Committee for science and technology in the field of environment protection
Publications1. Wise use of wetlands and forests (global approach and Byelorussian experience) (Co-author, in Russian, 2003, 207p.) 2. Chapter of the good practice evidence in land- use, land use change and forestry, ipce National Green house Gas Inventories Program, (Co-author ), 2003 3. Strategy for implementation of the UNCCD in the Republic of Belarus, Minsk, 2010, 44p
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated18/07/2011 16:47:00

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