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Expert NameDr. Valentin Yatsukhno
DivisionLandscape Ecology LAB
InstitutionBelarussian State University
Telephone375 17 209 548 9
Work ExperienceMy research and expert activities are related to the land use planning and assessment of consequences of land degradation in Belarus. Since 2001 I was involved into the preparation process for joining the republic of Belarus to the UNCCD. I took part in the preparation three national reports (2002, 2006, and 2010) of Belarus on implementation of the UNCCD. As an expert I carried out project UNCCD/GEF “RENATURALIZATION AND SUSTAINABLE MANAGEMENT OF PEATLANDS IN BELARUS TO COMBAT LAND DEGRADATION, MITIGATE CLIMATE CHANGE” DURING 2006-2010.
QualificationsDr, soil erosion, land degradation, Latvian agricultural university,1998
Number of Publications275
Awards1. academician prize laureate in the field of natural science (1999) 2. ministry of natural resources and environment conservation award in the field of land use planning.
Other Activities1. Vice-president of Belarusian Geographic society 2. Member of International Association for Landscape Ecology 3. Member of national steering committee of the small grant programme of GEF in Belarus. 4. Member of Scientific Council of National Society of soil science. 5. Member of Ntural Association “LAND REFORM”
Publications1. Yatsukhno V.M. land degradation in belarus: what the key issues are and how to address them minsk,2004,22p 2. Yatsukhno V.M.., Chernysh A.F. problem of land degradation in Belarus (outlook information).minsk, 2003, 42 P. (in Russian) 3. Yatsukhno V.M. global ecological convention: experience implementation in Belarus, minsk, 2002,192 p. (in Russian) 4. Yatsukhno V.M. strategy for implementation the unccd in the republic of Belarus. brochure. belsens, Minsk, 2010. 44p. 5. Yatsukhno V.M. land resources and soils in: national report on the state of environment in the republic of Belarus. Minsk, 2006, P.27-42.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated18/07/2011 15:09:00

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