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Expert NameMr. Siarhei Sauchyk
TitleSenior Researcher
DivisionInstitute of Geological sciences
InstitutionBelarussian National Academy of Sciences
Telephone375 172 635398
Work Experience1. Study and assessment of human impact on the environment (facilitation of erosion processes, land and river systems degradation) in Belarus under local projects financed by Belorussian foundation for fundamental research. Involvment as a project leader, researcher and project manager; laboratory and field studies. 2. Participation in a sabbatical programme at Arthur D. Little, Inc., Cambridge, MA, USA (environmental impact assessment and environmental restoration at military sites); 1996-1997, field studies, experience gaining. 3. participation in the project "Environmental restoration of former rocket bases in Belarus", sponsored by Nun - Lugar Programme (1997). Involvment as a researcher. 4. participation in the INTAS project (INTAS-2001-0556) "Radio ecological study of the Chernobyl cooling pond and options for remediation" (RESPOND); 2002-2004; involvment as a researcher, field and laboratory studies. 5. Consultant for preparation and implemenatation of the regional UNCCD meeting for strengthening cooperation in the field of land resources management in Central and Eastern Europe; Minsk, Belarus, December 2003.
Qualifications1. Diploma in Geography and Geomorphology, Belarussina State University, Minsk, Belarus, 1983-1990. 2. Diploma on accomplishment of special student programme in Environmental Impac Assessment; Environmental Geology; Natural Ressource Economics in Developing Countries; Ecology and Restoration of Lakes, Streams and Wetlands; Environmental geochemistry; Harvard university, cambridge, USA, 1996-1997.
Number of Publications32
Other Activities1. Member of Belarussion Geographical Society. 2. Member of Working Group on geoindicators of rapid environmental change under International Geological Union.
Publications1. Linkhov I., Shell W.R., Savchik S.F., Baichorov V.M., 1997. "Risk assessment and remedial policies in natural ecosystems contaminated by heavy metals and radionuclides. In: Productive Reuse of Former Military Sites: Environmenatl and Economics aspects of demilitarisation." Minsk, Belsens Ltd., pp. 424-435. 2. Savchik S., 2000. "Anthropogenic changes in topographic relief: application in environmental impact assessment". Geological Quarterly, 44 (4), pp. 363-369. 3. Savchik S., Mahnach., 2000. "Indications of main induced changes in a sequences and composition of floodplain deposits in Belarus." In: proceedings of Geoindicators Symposium and Field Meeting, Ustka, Poland, September 26-29, Gdansk, pp. 31-42. 4. Savchik S., 2002. "Anthropogenic morphogenesis in Belarus. Dissertation thesis; disciplines geomorphology and evolutionary geography, Belarussian State University Press, Minsk. 5. Savchik S., 1999. "Surface transformation by man in Belarus." Natural Resources, 2, pp. 90-98.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated12/01/2007 14:42:00

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