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Expert NameProf. José Bueno Conti
TitleProfessor Titular
DivisionDept of Geography
InstitutionUniversidade de S. Paulo
CitySao Paulo
Telephone55 11 2102217
Work ExperienceDesertification is one of the modalities concerning the alterations of the natural conditions be it a result of large scale climatic changes or a product of the relationship between society and nature included, in this case, among the object of Ecogeography. The major interest is on the tropical zone and in it the Brazilian semi-arid region that we have studied and exposed as an example, pointing out and analysing its most critical areas. We have applied the statistical methodology of the temporal series, being submitted to the calculations of moving averages or linear filtration to the Spectral analysis of Fourier and to the evaluation of the interannual variability, seeking tendences, relevant ciclicities and coefficient of variations.
QualificationsPh.D. in Climatology, Orographic Rainfall, University of Sao Paulo, 1973 Post Doctorate, Livre Docencia, Climatology (Desertification), USP, 1995
Number of Publications55
Other Activities1. Membership in the Associacao de Geografia Teoretica, Rio Claro, Brazil 2. Membership in the Sociedade Brasiliera de Meteorologia, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 3. Membership of Associcao Brasileira de Estudos do Quaternario (ABEGUA), Sao Paulo, Brazil
Publications1. Conti, J.B. 1975. Circulacao secundaria e efeito orografico na genese das chuva na regiao ENE paulista. 82 p. Instituto de Geografia. Univ. de Sao Paulo. Sau Paulo. 2. Conti, J.B. 1986. A desertificacao como tema de estudo da Geografia Fisica. Boletim Paulista de Geografia no. 63:13-21. 3. Conti, J.B. 1989. O meio amibente tropical. Geografia 14 (28):69-79. 4. Conti, J.B. and Furlan, S.A. 1996. Geoecologia. O clima, os solos e a biota. Pags. 67-207 in Geografia do Brasil. EDUSP, Sao Paulo. 5. Conti, J.B. 1997. A Geografia Fisica e as relacoes sociedade/natureza no mundo tropical. Humanitas, Sao Paulo.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated09/11/2006 15:54:00

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