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Expert NameMr. Eduardo Peres Rocha e Silva
TitleArea Manager
DivisionEnvironment and Information
InstitutionMinisterio do Merio Ambiente
Telephone55 61 3171358
Work ExperienceI have been working since 1996 in UNDP's BRA 93/036 project "Elaboration of the National Policy to Control Desertification - PNCD". I have been involved in gathering and widespreading information concerning desertification, aiming the development of the brazilian policies in this matter. The divulgation of the problem throughout Brazil is one of the main objets of the project. The Internet was the chosen media which could provide, in a effective way, the wanted awareness of people. In this context, the PNCD developed the Desertification Information and Documentation Network - REDESERT. I have been working as the Webmaster of REDESERT's website ( and the Postmaster of the REDESERT's discussion list ( I am also a part of the University of Brasilia's "Projeto Fogo", which deals with fire research in cerrado since 1986. I am after my master degree in ecology, under the orientation of Prof. Heloisa Sinatora Miranda.
QualificationsMaster Degree in Ecology, University of Brasilia (completion in April 1999) Bachelor Degree, Biology, University of Brasilia, 1996
Number of Publications6
Other Activities
Publications1. Rocha e Silva, E.P. 1997. Unidades de Conservacao do Semi-arido Brasiliero - Bioma caatinga. I Simposio Brasiliero sobre Meio Ambiente e Desenvolvimento Sustentavel do Semi-arido. Anais, p.43-53. 2. Miranda, H.S., Rocha e Silva, E.P. and Miranda, A.C. 1996. Comportamento do fogo em queimadas de campo sujo. In: Impacto de Queimadas em Areas de Cerrado e Restinga. H. S. Miranda; C.H. Saito and B.F.S. Dias (Org.). ECL/UNB, Brasilia. p. 1-10. 3. Rocha e Silva, E.P. and Miranda, H.S. 1996. Temperatura do cambio de especies lenhosas do Cerrado durante queimadas prescritas. Anais do VIII Simposio sobre o Cerrado. 1st International Symposium on Tropical Savannas. p. 249-257. 4. Rocha e Silva, E.P. and Miranda, H.S. 1995. Efeito do fogo em especies lenhosas do cerrado: Temperatura do cambio. I Congresso de Iniciacao Cientifica da UnB. Livro de resumos, p. 204. 5. Rocha e Silva, E.P. and Miranda, H.S. 1995. Temperatura do cambio de Sclerolobium paniculatum VOG. furante
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