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Expert NameMrs. Ana Lucia Costa Oliveira Galvao
TitleForestry Engineer
InstitutionInst. Brasileiro do Meio Ambiente et dos Recursos Naturais Renovaveis
Telephone55 61 3161453
Work Experience- Mapping of areas in Desertification Process using techniques of Remote Sensing on GIS (Goegraphic Information System) - Environmental Characterization of degraded areas
QualificationsGraduate, Forestry Engineering, Brasilia University, 1983 Master of Science, Remote Sensing, National Institute Research Spatial, 1990 Doctorate, Geology, Brasilia University (on course)
Number of Publications16
Other Activities
Publications1. Oliveira- Galvao, .AL.C. de. Environmental Characterization of Region in Desertification Process: Gilbues. PI. 1994. Proceedings of National Conference and Upper Latin America on Desertification. 82 p. 2. Rodrigues, V., Oliveira-Galvao, A.L.C. de, Galvao, W.S. Identification of Susceptible Areas in Desertification. 1993. IBAMA. 3. Rodrigues, V., Mattalo Jr., H., Linhares, M.C., Oliveira-Galvao, A.L.C. de, Gorgonio, A. De S. 1992. Evaluation of Desertification Scene in the Northeast of Brazil. Diagnosis and Prospects. 4. Oliveira-Galvao, A.L.C. De. Desertification: Indicators in Remote Sensing. In Matallo Jr., H. (org.) Indicators for desertification study. 1996. Esquel. 5. Oliveira-Galvao, A.L.C. de. Fitosionomic Characterization of Carapebus Restinga. 1990. INPE.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated09/11/2006 15:57:00

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