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Expert NameMr. Iêde de Brito Chaves
DivisionCenter of Agricultural Science
InstitutionUniversidade Federal de Paraiba
Telephone55 83 3622300
Work Experience- Scientific Adviser Ad Hoc - CAPES/Government of Brazil - Scientific Adviser Ad Hoc - CNPq Research Council, Government of Brazil - Scientific Adviser Brazilian Journal of Soil Science (SBCS/Brazil) - Coordinator f Soil Science Conservation Course (M. Sc.), 1989/90 - Coordinator of Geo-Environmental Group, Development and Research Program for Semi-Arid Zone - PEASA/Federal University of Paraiba, Brasil
Qualifications1. Chaves, I.B. 1986. Desertification in the Paraiba State. 1st Seminary about desertification in Northeast of Brazil. Annals. Secretaria do Meio Ambiente/MINTER, Recife-PE/Brazil. 2. Chaves, I.B., Freire, O. and Amorim, M.S. 1985. Characteristics of precipitation and erosion damage in brazilian semi-arid regions. Rev. Pesq. Agric. Bras. EMBRAPA/Brasil. 20(09):991-998. 3. Albuquerque, A.W., Chaves, I.B. and J. Vasquez. 1994. Relationship between physical characteristics of the ra
Number of Publications12
Other Activities
Publications- Research program in soil erosion in the Paraiba Ctate, Brazil (1978-1980). Author and executer. - Research program in soil erosion. Foundation Federal Univ. of Mato Grosso State, Brazil Scientific Adviser. June 1985. - Soil survey and classification of the land use capability (interpretation and recommendation) Castelo and Varzea Grande Farms. Boaventura-PB/Brazil (1993).
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
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