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Expert NameDr. David Lubell
DivisionDepartment of Anthropology
InstitutionUniversity of Alberta
Telephone403 4922368
Work Experience- Various research activities in archaeology and anthropology. - Long experience in scholar and professional organizations - Papers in conference proceedings - Short reports and articles in newsletters - Edited journals, reviewed books. - Member of various committees on social sciences. - University administration. - Graduate degrees supervision - Courses taught.
QualificationsB.A. Anthropology, Columbia University, 1964. Ph.D. Anthropology, Columbia University, 1971.
Number of Publications5
Other Activities
Publications1. 1974: D. Lubell, the Fakhurian: a late Palaeolithic industry from Upper Egypt. The Geological Survey of Egypt, Special Paper N°58, 193 pp. 2. 1975: D. Lubell, J.L. Ballais, A. Gautier and F.A. Hassan, Prehistoric cultural ecology of Caspian escargotières I: preliminary results of an interdisciplinary investigation in the Chéria-Télidjène region 1972-1973. Libyca 23:44-121. 3. 1982-3: D. Lubell and A. Gautier, Prehistoric cultural ecology of Caspian escargotières II: report on investigations conducted during 1976 in the Bahiret Télidjène, Tébessa Wilaya, Algeria. Libyca 30/31:59-142. 4. 1988: J.R.F. Bower and D. Lubelle (eds.), Prehistoric Cultures and Environments in the Late Quaternary of Africa. Cambridge Monographs in African Archaeology 26, British Archaeological Reports, International Series 405. 5. 1997: D. Lubell and M. Jackes, Portugal. In F. Spencer (ed.), History of Phgysical Anthropology: An Encyclopedia. New York: Garland Press, pp. 834-837.
DisciplineAnthropology and Sociology
Last updated09/05/2007 10:49:00

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