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Expert NameDr. Rodney A. Savidge
DivisionFaculty of Forestry & Environment
InstitutionUniversity of New Brunswick
CityNew Brunwick
Telephone506 1 4534919
Work ExperienceLong experience in scholarly and professional organizations: - Supervision in student research; - Presentations in conferences, seminars, workshops; - Review of grant proposals, manuscripts for journals; - Contracts, fellowships; - Membership and active involvement in professional and learned societies; - Service to the University.
Qualifications- B.Sc.F., Forestry (1st class Honours), University of Toronto, 1973-76. - M.Sc.F., Tree Physiology, University of Toronto, 1976-1977. - Ph.D., Plant Physiology, Aberystwyth, University of Wales, 1977-81. - University Professor, 1995.
Number of Publications5
Other Activities
Publications1. Savidge, R.A. (in press). Protoplasmic autolysis during xylem-cell differentiation. In Plant Senescence, with particular reference to Plant Growth Substances, edited by L.M.S. Palni, Gynodaya Prakashan, Nainital, India. 2. Savidge, R.A. (1993). Formation of annual rings in trees. In Oscillations and Morphogenesis, edited by L. Rensing, Marcel Dekker Publ., New York, Basel, Hong Kong, pp. 343-363. 3. Savidge, R.A. (1990). Phytohormonal regulation of cambial growth in trees. In Fast Growing Trees and Nitrogen Fixing Trees, edited by D. Werner and P. Müller, Gustav Fischer Verlag, Stuttgart. pp. 142-151. 4. Savidge, R.A. (1990). Phytohormone regulation of secondary xylem development. In IUFRO XIX World Congress (Montreal), Proc. Div. 5, Forestry, Canada, pp. 65-76. 5. Savidge, R.A. (1986). Prospects for genetic manipulation of wood quality. In New Ways in Forest Genetics, edited by F. Caron, A.G. Corriveau and T.J.B. Boyle. Part 2, pp. 159-165. Can. For. Ser., Chal
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated09/05/2007 10:48:00

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