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Expert NameDr. Victor Ciubotariu
TitleIndependent Consultant
Institutionno institution
CityMount Royal, Quebec
Telephone514 3429336
Work Experience- Geotechnical engineer, more than 15 years experience. - Teacher of civil engineering disciplines over a period of more than 20 years. - Involvement in numerous projects in the field of water-resources engineering; design, rehabilitation, construction and safety assessment of major earth and rockfill dams, dykes and levees; natural slope stability, highway embankments, soil-cement stabilization and foundation engineering in Canada and Romania. - I devoted more than twelve years to the international development as a civil engineering professor and consultant in North and West Africa where I developed the concept of Anti-Drought Engineering particularly aimed to the sahelian countries. - I was for many years listed on the consultants' rosters of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), World Bank and UNDP.
QualificationsCivil Engineer, Technical University of Iasi (Romania), 1953 Doctor Engineer (Ph.D.), Doctoral Thesis on "Mechanical Properties of Granular Materials", Technical University of Iasi (Romania), 1961.
Number of Publications43
Awards- Honorary Professor of Anti-Drought Engineering at the Polytechnical School of Thies (Senegal), 1989. - Founding member of the journal Sécheresse, published since 1989, in Paris (France), under the auspices of UREF; former member of the editorial and sc
Other ActivitiesMembership of professional associations: Order of Engineers of Quebec (20 years), Engineering Institute of Canada (20 years), Canadian Committee of Large Dams (20 years), International Committee of Large Dams (20 years), Canadian Geotechnical Society (14 years), International Society of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering (17 years), French Committee on Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering (12 years), American Society of Civil Engineers (5 years). Lectures or special presentations related to the Anti-Drought Engineering concept and Water Development projects in various countries. Responsible of the AUPELF/African Office Task Force for inception and implementation of the Anti-Drought Engineering concept and network, 1986-1988. Responsible and organizer of the preparatory and constitutional meetings of the Anti-Drought Engineering Network (francophone), Thies, 1987. Invited Speaker and Reporter to the National Symposium on Hydraulic Developments on Senegal and Gambia rive
Publications1. Ciubotariu, Victor, 1988. Development of the Anti-Drought Engineering Concept aimed to sahelian climates (in French), Canal Cayor Case (Senegal), Proceedings of the 17th Annual Meeting, Canadian Association of African Studies, Queen's University, Kingston (Ontario), pages 155-164. 2. Ciubotariu, Victor, 1986. Survey on the cooperation and comparative evaluation in West Africa (in French), Proceedings of the International Symposium on the West African River and Lake Basin Development, UN/IDEP (Institut Africain des Nations Unies de Développement et de Planification), Dakar (Sénégal), pages 29-41. 3. Ciubotariu, Victor, 1986, Anti-Drought Engineering Center of Excellence (in French), Documents of the "Journées Internationales de Technologie" (JIT), AUPELF/EMI, Rabat (Morocco), pages 78-99. 4. Ciubotariu, Victor, 1983, Earth Dam Engineering (in French), Introductory Report to the International Symposium on "Earth Dams and Rural Zones Development in Africa", AUPELF/EPM, Montrea
DisciplineSoil Science
Last updated09/05/2007 10:48:00

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