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Expert NameProf. William G. Nickling
Title Full Professor
InstitutionUniversity of Guelph
Telephone519 824 4120 Ex. 3529
Work ExperienceExperience in scholarly and professional activities: participation in various international conferences, symposia, referee for various journals and grant applications. Supervisor for graduate students. Research activities in direct field measurement, wind tunnel modelling and computer simulation. Involved in contract work for various government agencies and private industry in Canada and abroad. This work is primarily involved with the direct measurement, wind tunnel testing and computer modelling of particulate emissions from natural and disturbed surfaces as well as stockpiles and mine tailings. Through this work I have developed unique instrumentation for the direct measurement and modelling of particulate emissions and transport, including a versatile 12 m portable field wind tunnel.
QualificationsB.A. in Geography, McMaster University, 1970. M.A. in Geography, Carleton University, 1972. Ph.D. in Geographym, University of Ottawa, 1976.
Number of Publications5
AwardsMembership in professional societies: Geological Society of Canada, International Association of Sedimentologists, Society for Sedimentary Geology, International Soil Conservation Society, Soil and Water Conservation Society, Ontario Association of Geomo
Other Activities
PublicationsBook: (Editor), Aeolian Geomorphology: Proceedings of the 17th Binghamton Geomorphology Symposium (London: Allen and Unwin, 1986), 307 pp. Chapters in books: - Recent advances in the prediction of soil loss by wind, in I. Pla Sentis (editor), Soil Conservation and Productivity (Macaray: Sociedad Venzolana de la Ciencia del Suelo, 1987), pp. 1163-1187. - Prediction of soil loss by wind, in S. Rimwanich (editor), Land Conservation for Future Generations (Bangkok: Department of Land Development, Ministry of Agriculture, 1989), pp. 75-94. - W.G. Nickling and J.A. Gillies, Emission of fine grained particulates from desert soils, in M. Leinen and M. Sarnthein (editors), Paleoclimatology and Paleometeorology: Modern and Past Patterns of Global Atmospheric Transport (Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1989), pp. 133-165. - Aeolian sediment transport and deposition, in K. Pye (editor), Sediment Transport and Depositional Processes (London: Blackwell Scientific Publishers, 1994) pp. 29
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