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Expert NameProf. Ronald Jaubert
DivisionIHEID, Geneva and University of Lausanne
CountryFrench- British
Telephone+41 21 908 43 00
Work ExperienceCoordinator of the program: Negotiating water management conflicts (2002-2006). The program based on three cases studies in India, Niger and Syria Coordinator of the program: The Arid Margins of the Fertile Crescent (1998 2002). The programme focused on the man-environment relationship, the dynamics of transformation in the physical and human environment and their interactions in the semi-arid and arid areas of Northern Syria. Coordinator of the program: Social Effects of Environmental Policies in Senegal (1994-1997). The program conducted in collaboration with UNRISD was funded by the Swiss Fund for Scientific Research. Coordinator of the program: Utilization of Groundwater Resources in the Fakara region, Niger (1995-1996).
QualificationsPhD, _ENSSAA, France, Farming Systems, Nepal, 1981
Number of Publications77
Other ActivitiesAssociate researcher, Maison de l'Orient et de la Méditerranée, CNRS, Lyon, France.
Publications1. Alternatives Perceptions of Authority and Control: The Desert and the Ma'moura of Syria (D. Chatty, R. Jaubert Eds), Special Issue, The Arab World Geographer, Toronto, 2002. 2. Land Use and Vegetation Cover, Semi Arid and Arid Areas of Aleppo and Hama Provinces, Syria (Jaubert et al.), Monde Arabe Contemporain, Hors Srie, Maison de l'Orient CNRS, Lyon, 1999. 3.Les marges arides du Croissant fertile, milieu, peuplements et contrle des ressources en Syrie du nord, Maison de l'Orient Mditerranen, CNRS, Lyon, (Jaubert, R., Geyer, B., Eds) 2006. 4. Discours et ralits des politiques participatives de gestion de l'environnement, le cas du Sénégal (Utting, P., Jaubert R., Eds), UNRISD, Geneva, 1998. 5. Steppes d'Arabies : Etats, pasteurs, agriculteurs et commerants: le devenir des zones séches, (Bocco, R., Jaubert, R., Métral, F. Eds), Presses Universitaires de France, Paris, 1993.
DisciplineAgricultural Sciences
Last updated19/11/2014 12:10:00

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