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Expert NameProf. Eugenio Caviedes
TitleFaculty of Professor
DivisionFaculty of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences
InstitutionUniversity of Chile
Telephone56 2 6785706
Work ExperienceProyect Ecologycal Bases for chilean arid zones development: CEPE/CNRS U. of Chile. Polythematic mapping of 300.000 hectares (Vegetation, Desertification, Phytoecology, Range, and Veget. Dynamics 1:50.000 and 1:100.000 1978-1987. Proyect Natural Resources Management of Comunidade Agricolas of the IV region, Chile, PNUD/FAO/CONAF/U de Chile 1986-89. Sustainable agriculture in chilean arid zones: Use of satellite data on present status of soil-vegetation complex. 1992-1996. Field experience on phytoecology inventories, vegetation mapping, soil-vegetation complex inventories for satellite monitoring. I was the chilean scientific counterpart in the three named proyects and worked with Gilbert LONG, Michel ETIENNE and Jean POUGET.
QualificationsMaster of Science, Agronomy, Virginia Pol. Inst. & State Univ. USA 1971. Diplôme d'Etudes Aprof., Univ. des Sc. et Tech. du Languedoc, Mopntpellier Cepe/CNRS, Montpellier, France 1976.
Number of Publications0
Other Activities1. Professor of Forrage Production, College of Agriculture, 1970-1997. 2. Professor of Agroecology, Graduate School, U. of Chile 1970-1997. 3. Member of SOCHIPA (Chilean Animal Production Society).
Publications1. Pouget, J.M., Caviedes, E., Hamelin, Ph., Remy, D., Mathieu, R. 1996. Ambiente arifo y desarrollo sustentable. La Provincia de Limari. ORSTOM/U de Chile, ISBN 956-19-0230-3, 103 p., Santiago. 2. Pouget, J.M., Caviedes, E. y Le Floc'h, E. 1995. Aporte de las imágenes satelitales SPOT para la caracterización del estado de degradación del complejo suelo-vegetación, en areas de clima mediterráneoárido de Chile. Av en P. Anim. Vol 20:1-2, 25-43. Chile. 3. AZOCAR, P., Caviedes, E., Guzman, V., Perez, A. 1994. Sistemas de producción para el desarrollo integral del secano costero de las Regiones IV y V. Proy. FIA Min. Agr./U de Chile, 150 p, Santiago. 4. CAVIEDES, E. 1991. Principales recursos forrajeros del altiplano de la Región de Tarapacá, Chile. VII Cong,. Int. Cam. SudAmer., Jujuy Argentina, 12 p., 1 mapa esc. 1:50.000 5. CAVIEDES, E. & INFANTE, R. 1987. Establecimiento de una zona piloto para un programa demanejo racional. Com. Agr. Yerba Loca. Proy. CONAF/PNUD/F
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