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Expert NameMr. Patricio Aceituno
TitleVice-Director of Academic Affairs
DivisionDepartment of Geophysics
InstitutionUniversidad de Chile
Telephone56 2 696 8790
Work Experience- Chairman of the Department of Geophysics, Universidad of Chile (1994-1997) - Vice-Director of Academic Affairs, Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Universidad de Chile (1997) Director of the following research projects: - Mechanisms of deep convection over the South American Altiplano, Project Fondecyt No. 1930 - 789 (1993-95); - Seasonal Predictability of rainfall and temperature anomalies in northern and central Chile. Project Fondecyt No. 1961110 (1996-97); - Graphic visualization of global climatological information. Project No. 97-28. Conicyt-Explora (1997); - Development of meteorological and climatological forecast models with application to the hydroelectrical sector. Project Fondef No. 97-2028 (1998-2000); - Wind energy assessment for Chile, Project to CORFO, (1991-92).
Qualifications- Electrical Engineering, Universidad de Chile, 1974 - Ph.D. in Meteorology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, 1987
Number of Publications20
Other Activities1. Organiser of the Workshop: Interannual climate variability in Chile; forecast methods and associated impacts. Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile, 5-7 June 1997; 2. Co-chair at the organizing committee of the 6th International Conference on Southern Hemisphere Meteorology and Oceanography, Santiago, Chile, 3-7 April 2000; 3. Editor of the BOLETIN CLIMATICO (published monthly at the web site:; 4. Member of the Editorial Committee of the journals Geofisica (Spain) and Meteorologica (Argentina); 5. Member of the Climatology Committee of the World Meteorological Organisation; 6. Member of the American Meteorological Society and the American Geophysical Union.
Publications1. Aceituno, P., 1988: On the functioning of the Southern Oscillation in the South American sector Part I: surface climate. Mon. Wea. Rev. 116, 505-524; 2. Aceituno, P., 1989: On the functioning of the Southern Oscillation in the South American sector Part II: upper-air circulation. J.Climate. Rev. 2.341-355; 3. Aceituno, P., Fuenzalida H., and Rosenbluth, B., 1992: Climate along extratropical west cost of South America pp. 61-69 in Earth Systems responses to global change (Eds. H.A. Mooney, B. Kronberg and E.R. Fuentes). Academic Press; 4. Aceituno, P., 1992: El Nino, the Southern Oscillation and ENSO: Confusing names for a complex ocean-atmosphere interaction. Bull.Amer. Meteor.Soc., 73.483-485; 5. Aceituno, P., and Montecinos, A., 1996: Assessing upper limits of seasonal predictability of rainfall in central Chile based on SST in the equatorial Pacific. Exp.Long-Lead Forecast Bulletin 5(2), 37-40.
DisciplineAtmospheric Sciences
Last updated12/01/2007 15:05:00

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