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Expert NameDr. Jin-feng Zhang
Telephone86 10 62338415, 13522668293
Work ExperienceDr. Zhang has been a teacher in forest genetics for many years, and got the certificate for teaching science and engineering in English from The University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) in England in 2003. And now Dr. Zhang can teach in English-Chinese bilingually. Dr. Zhang has been a scientist in forest genetics and tree breeding from graduate in 1986 and already published many papers in different journals in English and Chinese. Her research mainly focuses on the polyploid breeding of poplar and she has breeded several polyploid poplar varieties. Dr. Zhang is the reviewer for international journals such as Plant Cell Tissue & Organ Culture and many Chinese journals.
QualificationsBachelor, Forestry, Beijing Forestry University, 1986 Master, Forest Genetics, Beijing Forestry University, 1998 Ph. D, Forest Genetics, Beijing Forestry University, 2006
Number of Publications56
Other Activities1. Permanent membership in forestry association in China 2. Membership in genetics association in China 3. Host for Genome analysis and gene function workshop in International Poplar Commission 23rd Session Beijing, China, 27 – 30 October 2008
Publications1. Zhang Jin-feng, Xi Xiao-jun, Wei Zun-zheng, Li Bailian. 2010. 2n pollen induction in Populus × popularis by colchicine, Fifth International Poplar Symposium, Palazzo dei Congressi Orvieto (Italy), Page:91 2. Zhang Jin-feng, Wei Zun-Zheng, Li Dan. Li Bailian. 2009. Using SSR markers to study the mechanism of 2n pollen formatiom in Populus × euramericana (Dode) guinier and P. × popularis, Annals of Forest Science, 66 (5):53-62 3. Li Hui,Zhang Qian,Fu Wen-feng, Zhang Jin-feng.2010. Adventitious bud formation in vitro from mature zygotic embryos of Pinus tabulaeformis Carr. Journal of Beijing Forestry University, 32 (5)111—115 4. Xi Xiao-jun, Cao Jing, Zhang Jin-feng, Zhang Deng-rong.2008. Study on drought resi stance of Abies concolor. Chin Bull Bot 25, 722-727. 5. Zhang Jin-feng,Li Hui,Dong Jian-sheng,Wang Jun-hui. Genetic Variation among 11 Abies concolor Populations Based on Allozyme Analysis. Forestry Studies in China, 2005,7(1):29-35
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