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Expert NameProf. Jinzhen Cao
Telephone86 10 62337381
Work ExperienceDuring the fifteen years work in the area of wood science and technology, I advised or participated in many projects concerning wood physics, wood preservation and modification and wood-based materials, which included “the application of nanotechnology in water-borne wood preservatives”, “Water-borne wood preservation of plantation-grown Chinese fir”,__”Application of compression pretreatment to improve the liquid penetration of refractory wood species”, “The preparation of non-toxic anti-leaching boron-based wood preservatives”, “Interfacial compatibility of wood flour/polymer composites modified by coupling agents from dielectric approach” etc. _
QualificationsPh.D.,Wood Science and Technology, Beijing Forestry University, 2001
Number of Publications134
Awards1. Top 100 Ph.D. Thesis in China Award, 2001 2. IRG Ron Cockcroft Award
Other Activities1. Executive committee member, International Research Group on Wood Protection (IRG/WP) 2. D5 officeholder, International Union of Forest Research Organization (IUFRO)_ 3. Member, Society of Wood Science Technology (SWST) 4. Vice-chair, Chinese Research Group on Wood Protection 5. Executive committee member, Chinese Association on Wood Science
Publications1. Jinzhen Cao and D. Pascal Kamdem. 2005. Microdistribution of Copper in Copper-Ethanolamine (Cu-EA) Treated Southern Yellow Pine (Pinus spp.) related to density distribution. Holzforschung. 59(1):82-89. 2. Jinzhen Cao, Manhua Xie, Guangjie Zhao. 2006. Tensile stress relaxation of copper-ethanolamine (Cu-EA) treated wood. Wood Science and Technology. 40(5):417-426. 3. Lili Yu, Jinzhen Cao, Guangjie Zhao. Tensile stress relaxation of wood impregnated with different ACQ formulations at various temperatures. Holzforschung, 2010, 64(1): 111-117. 4.Li Yan, Jinzhen Cao. Wei Gao, Xinyu Zhou, Guangjie Zhao. Interaction between glycerin and wood at various temperatures from stress relaxation approach. Wood Science and Technology, 2011,45:215-222. 5.Lili Yu, Jinzhen Cao, Wei Gao,Haitao Su.Evaluation of ACQ-D treated Chinese fir and Mongolian Scots pine with different post-treatments after 20 months of exposure, International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation, 2011, 65: 585-590
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
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