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Expert NameDr. Jun Yang
Telephone86 10 62338128
Work Experience
QualificationsDoctor of Philosophy, Environmental Science, Policy and Management University of California , Berkeley, 1999-2004
Number of Publications19
Awards1. 2003 Block Fellowship, University of California, Berkeley 2.2001 Member, Xi-Sigma-Pi, Forestry Honor Society
Other Activities
Publications1.*Yang, J., Peng, G., Zhou, J., Huang, H., Wang, L., 2010 Detection of the urban heat island in Beijing using HJ-1B satellite imagery, Science China, Earth Sciences. 53 ( Suppl 1.): 67-73, Science China Press, Beijing. 2.Yang, C., *Yang, J., Lou, X., Peng, G. 2009. The use of mobile phones in an emergency reporting system for infectious disease surveillance after the Sichuan earthquake in China. WHO Bulletin.87: 619-623. World Health Organization, Geneva. 3.Zhou, J., *Yang, J., Peng, G. 2008. Impact of Railway construction on roadside plant communities on the Tibet Plateau. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment.13 :369-376. Elsevier, Amsterdam 4. *Yang, J., Zhou, J. X. 2007. The failure and success of greenbelt program in Beijing. Urban Forestry and Urban Greening. 6: 287-296 . Elsevier, Amsterdam 5. *Yu, Q., Gong, P., Tian, Y.Q., Pu, R., Yang, J. 2008. Factors affecting spatial variation of classification uncertainty in an image object-based vegetation mapping. Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing. 74: 1007-1008. ASPRS. Bethesda, USA
DisciplineRemote sensing
Last updated17/08/2011 12:25:00

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