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Expert NamePro. Huaxing Bi
Telephone86 10 62336756
Work ExperienceBeing a researcher, I have advised more than 20 research projects, mostly focused on forest hydrology, soil and water conservation, agroforestry. For example, influences of forest on runoff and its spatial scale analysis in Loess Plateau; Forest vegetation restoration and establishment in Loess Plateau; The model of soil and water conservation in China; Agroforestry in Loess Plateau; The mechanism of regulation and control of forest on agriculture ecological environment in Western area of China, etc. I am a teacher, I taught them environmental science, soil and water conservation, and so on. I also is an expert of FAO, Asian development bank, JICA(Japan).
QualificationsPh.D degree, Soil and water conservation , Beijing forestry university, 1982
Number of Publications90
Awards1.The excellent paper prize by the Chinese society of forestry,2010 2.The First class prize for science and technology in soil and water conservation, the Chinese society of soil and water conservation,2007 3. The prize for excellent young scientist by Science Society of China, 2004
Other Activities1. Member of Chinese associate of soil and water conservation 2. Member of forestry science associate of China 3. Member of the American Water Resources Association 4. Member of international association of forest hydrology 5. Member of Japan Society of Erosion Control Engineering
Publications1. The application of RS, GIS and GPS in soil and water conservation, editor-in-chief , Beijing: forestry press of China, 2008 2. Science of soil and water conservation, Editor, Beijing: forestry press of China,2005 3. Huaxing BI, Bin LIU, Jie WU, Lei YUN, Zhihan CHEN and Zhewei CUI. 2009. Effects of precipitation and land use on runoff during the past 50 years in a typical watershed in Loess Plateau, China. International Journal of Sediment Research, 24(3):352–364 4. Huaxing BI, LI Xiaoyin, LIU Xin, GUO Mengxia, LI Jun.2009.Spatial heterogeneity of soil moisture using geostatistical approach, A case study of Loess Plateau, west China. International Journal of Sediment Research, 24(1,3–73 5. Huaxing Bi, Jianjun Zhang, Jinzhao Zhu, Liangliang Lin, Chaoying Guo, Yi Ren, Lei Yun, Na Ma.2008. Spatial Dynamics of Soil Moisture in a Complex Terrain in the Semiarid Loess Plateau Region, China. Journal of the American Water Resources Association, 44(5):1121-1131
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