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Expert Name Yingbai Shen
DivisionPlant Physiology
Telephone 10 62336563
Work ExperienceResponsible for following projects: The Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) Ph.D.Programs Foundation of Ministry of Education of China, National Key Technologies R&D Program of China,etc. Our group investigates molecular and physiological mechanisms of tolerance in trees under biotic and abiotic stresses at Yanchi in Ningxia, westen China. Populus species are usually used as a tree model because they are one of the most important timber species in north China. Aiming at increasing the capacity of biotic and abiotic tolerance in trees, applications of technological protocols, e.g. gene transformation, plant proteinase inhibitors,(PPIs), are attempted in our lab.
QualificationsPh.D., Plant science , Beijing Forestry University, 2006
Number of Publications71
Awards1. Reward of Natianal Science and Technology Progress 2. Reward of Beijing Government Science and Technology Progress 3. Reward of LianXi Forestry Science and Technology Progress
Other Activities1. Periodical Reviewer: Trees: Structure and Function , Tree Physiology, Journal of Plant Biology, Journal of Intergrative Plant Biology, Journal of Forestry Reseach, etc. 2. Membership in professional associations: Member in Plant Physiology Association of China, Member in Forestry Reseach Association of China.
Publications1. Zenghui Hu Yingbai Shen Fanyi Shen, Youqing Luo Xiaohua SuEvidence for the signaling role of methyl jasmonate, methyl salicylate and benzothiazole between poplar (Populus simonii x P. pyramidalis ‘Opera 8277’) cuttings, Trees (2009) 23:1003–1011_ 2. Zeng-hui Hu & Ying-bai Shen & Xiao-hua Su, Saturated Aldehydes C6–C10 Emitted from Ashleaf Maple (Acer negundo L.) Leaves at Different Levels of Light Intensity, O2, and CO2, Journal of Plant Biology,2009, 52: 289-297 3. Zeng-Hui Hu Ying-Bai Shen Fan-Yi Shen, Xiao-Hua Su, Effects of feeding Clostera anachoreta on hydrogen peroxide accumulation and activities of peroxidase, catalase, and ascorbate peroxidase in Populus simonii 3 P. pyramidalis ‘Opera 8277’ leaves,Acta Physiologiae Plantarum,2009, 31: 995-1002 4. Zeng-hui Hu, Ying-bai Shen, Aldehyde Volatiles Emitted in Succession from Mechanically Damaged Leaves of Poplar Cuttings, Journal of Plant Biology, 2008,51(4):269-275 5. F.Y. Shen a, R. Guob, Q. Sunb, R.F. Gaob, Y.B. Shen , Z.Y. Zhan, Possible causes for embolism repair in xylem, Environmental experemental botany, 2008 62(2) :139–144
DisciplinePlant Science
Last updated27/05/2013 18:07:00

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