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Expert NameProf. Lixian Wang
DivisionCollege of Soil and Water Conservation
Telephone86 10 62338942
Work Experience1.From July 1986 till now Professor of Department of Soil and Water College of Beijing Forestry University 2.From March 1988 to December 1992 The dean of the department of Soil and Water Conservation at Beijing Forestry College 3.From November 1992 to August 1996 Head of the College of Soil and Water Conservation at Beijing Forestry University 4.From April 1990 till 2002 Leading professor of the Speciality of Soil and Water Conservation in China, Ph.D. supervisor 5.From June 1995 till now Deputy director of China Training Center for Desertification Combating 6.From January 1989 to December 1990 Instructor of International Training Centre of Erosion and Sediment Research 7.September 1990 Guest professor for the Rural Forestry Training Centre for Asia(Thailand) 8. From March 1992 to 1994 Member of IPED. INCD 9. From 2001 to_2007 Member of GoE of UNCCD
QualificationsDoctor's degree, Mountain Watershed Management, Agricultural Universssity in Vienna,Austria,1981
Number of Publications118
Awards1. An exemplary professor of China, awarded by Chinese government. 2. An expert with outstanding contribution, awarded by Chinese government. 3. A member of the Appraisal Group of Forestry Science of the Academic Degree Commission under the State Council.
Other Activities1. Senior Advisor of CCICCD. 2. Executive Director of Training Center of CCICCD. 3. Member of Standing Committee of Chinese Society of Soil and Water Conservation. 4. Chairman of subsociety of Forest Hydrology and Watershed Management of Chinese Society of Forestry 5. Chief Editor of
Publications1. Wang, Lixian (2003), Soil and Water Conservation, China Forestry Press, Beijing. 2. Wang, Lixian (1994), Information System of Watershed Management, China Forestry Press, Beijing. 3. Wang, Lixian (1996),Desertification Combating in China (in English) China Forestry Press, Beijing. 4.Wang,Lixian(1999)Watershed Management, China Forestry Press, Beijing. 5.Wang,Lixian(2010)Integrated measures for flash flood and debris flow control, ,Vol.8 No.6 1-6
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated27/05/2013 18:08:00

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