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Expert NameDr. Wenhong Cao
DivisionSedimentation Research
Telephone86 10 68786641
Work Experience30-year experience has been accumulated in numerical modeling and physical modeling for the fields of basin planning, river regulation, sediment problems in engineering projects, and comprehensive utilization of water/sediment resources. Over 70 research projects have been finished, such as developing a distributed model for soil erosion and sediment yield and several numerical models for 1D and 2D representations of river, reservoir and estuary sedimentation problems, resolving sedimentation problems and determining harnessing measures of more than 20 reservoirs.
QualificationsPh. D, Hydraulics and River Dynamics, China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research (IWHR), Beijing, China, 1999 Master of Engineering, Hydraulics and River Dynamics, IWHR, Beijing, China, 1991 Bachelor of Engineering, Hydraulics and River Dynamics, Wuhan University of Hydraulic and Electric Engineering, Wuhan, China, 1985.
Number of Publications130
Awards1. ChienNing Prize for Erosion and Sedimentation by IRTCES, 2002 2. 2nd Prize, Natinal Science and Technology Progress Award,_2007. 3. 2nd Prize, Science and Technology Progress Award by Shandong Province, 2002
Other Activities1. Member, the Int. Association of Hydraulic Engineering and Research (IAHR) 2. Member, the World Association on Sedimentation and Erosion Research (WASER) 3. Secretary General, the Sedimentation Committee of Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society 4. Deputy Secretary General, the Youth Committee of Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society 5. Standing Councilor, Chinese Water and Soil Conservation Society
Publications1. Cao Wenhong et al. (2008). Hydraulic Modeling of Watershed Erosion. In Hydrology and Hydraulics Edited by Vijay P. Singh. Water Resources Publications, LIC, USA: 1011-1050. 2. Cao Wenhong (2004) . Relationship between variation of sediment carrying flows and readjustment of riverbed in the lower reaches of the Yellow River. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, No.11, 1-6. (in Chinese) 3. Cao Wenhong et al. (2001). 2-D numerical model for unsteady flow and sediment transport in Yellow River estuary, Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, No.1, 42-48. (in Chinese) 4.Cao Wenhong et al. (1998). Sediment response and enlightenment from the Aswan High Dam. Journal of Sediment Research, No.4, 79-85.(in Chinese) 5. Cao Wenhong(1997). Sediment control measures in the serious soil erosion region. International Journal of Sediment Research, Vol.12, No.3, 155-159.
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