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Expert NameMr. Feng Li
Telephone86 10 84238307
Work ExperienceSince 1994,was mainly working in desertification monitoring and assessment, sand-dust storm monitoring and evaluation using remote sensing technology. 1994-2011,Chief participant of four rounds of China national desertification and sandification monitoring. 2007-2011,Chief participant of five rounds of China national desertification and sandification annual trend monitoring. 2007-2010 participant of GEF project “ Global land degradation assessment in Dry ands”.
QualificationsMaster Degree of Science, Beijing Normal University, 1994
Number of Publications27
Awards1. The second award in Liang XI science and technologies of State Forest Administration
Other Activities1. Member of China Forest Association 2. Member of China Ecological Association 3. Member of China Geography Association
Publications1. SFA 2009 Atlas of desertified and sandified land in China Science Press Beijing China 2. LiFeng 2007 Distribution Characteristics of Lead Isotope in Dust Source Areas and Its Trace Significance in the North of China Journal of Desert Research 27(5) 738-743 3. LiFeng 2007 Research Progresses of Trace Methods and Distribution of Dust Source Areas Arid Zone Research 243354-363 4. LiFeng 2002 A Comparative Researches on Landscape Diversity Changes in Two Typical Desertification Areas Impacts of Landscape Matrices Acta Ecologica Sinica 229 1507-1511 5. LiFeng 2001 A Preliminary Research of Landscape Ecology Application in Desertification Monitoring and Assessment a Case study Acta Ecologica Sinica 213481-485
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