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Expert NameMr. Junhou Wang
DivisionNational Desertification Monitoring Centre
Telephone86 10 84238306/0086.13641077897
Work Experience1.From 1984 to 1994 in the Chinese Academy of Forestry focus on the research of combating desertification technology and methodology, assessment of the ecological benefit on the artificial oasis in the arid area, and the assessment on the soil and water in the irrigation area in arid area etc. Participated 5 main national research projects. 2.From 1995 to 2011 in the China National Desertification Monitoring Centre focus on the Desertification Monitoring and Assessment including indicator, methodology etc.. Responsible for the projects of Sino-Italy cooperation project of Using Vallerani System to collecting rain water for afforestation in arid area in China, National desertification monitoring, Land degradation assessment in dryland on national level in China(supported by FAO) etc.
Qualifications1. Bachelor, Forestry Science, Northwest Agriculture & Forestry University, 1984 2. Mater, Combating Desertification Science, Beijing Forestry University, 2000
Number of Publications
Awards1. The Science and Technology Advancement Award awarded by the Ministry of Forestry for the Achievement of The Project of Selection of Adaptative Three Species on Salinized Land and Adversity-resistant Afforestation Tests. 2. The National individual Award for Combating Sandification awarded by the Chinese Society of sand industry of China 4
Other Activities1. The Workshop of Land Degradation Assessment in Dryland for Southeast Asia, 27-30 April, 2009, Bangkok, Thailand 2. The Training Workshop on Land Degradation Assessment in Dryland(LADA), 20-15 July, 2009 Huhhot City, China 3. LADA Regional Training for Asian Countries, 10-17 April 2011 in Beijing, China 4. Associate Chief Editor, Atlas of Desertified and Sandified Land in China, Chinese Science Express, 2009, Science Press 5. Associate Chief Editor, The Application of the Hyper Spectral Remote Sensing Technology in Desertification Monitoring, 2001, Forestry Publisher.
Publications1. Wang Junhou, Wang Guosheng, 2009, Land Degradation Assessment in The Arid Areas of China, P50-60, RAP PUBLICATION, Bangkok 2. Yang Weixi, Tu Zhifeng, Wang Junhou, et al., 2009, Atlas of desertification AND Sandification Land in China, Science Press, Beijing. 3. Wang Junhou, Zhang Zhiqiang, Jia Baoquan, Meng Fanrong, 2003, Classification System for Desertification and Its Quantitative Assessment Methodology in China, Forestry Studies in China, Vol.5, No.3, P42-48, Published by Beijing Forestry University, Beijing, 4. Wang Junhou, Liao Yaping, Lin Jin, 2001, Establishment of Mathematical Warning model on Sandy Desertification and The Warning Result of 12 Provinces in The North of China, SCIENTIA SILVAE SINICAE, Vol.37, No.1, P58-63, SCIENTIA SILVAE SINICAE Press, Beijing. 5. Wang Junhou, Zhou shiwei, Ren Peizheng, 1996, Studies on The Species Diversity of Plant Community and Their Ecotopes in The Northeastern Ulan Buhe Desert, Journal of Desert Research, Vol.16, No.3, P258-265, Science Press, Beijing.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated17/08/2011 15:36:00

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