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Expert Nameprof. Deren Yan
Telephone86 0471 2280107
Work Experience1.Taking part in and finishing the Project of Research and Popularization of Comprehensive Prevention and Control Technology in Semi-arid Sandy Land 2.Presiding over the Eleventh Five-year National Scientific and Technological Subject of Research and Experimental Demonstration of Technology of Controlling Grassland Wind Erosion and Desertification in Hulunbeier Sandy Land (Ewenke Qi) 3.Taking part in and finishing the National Eighth Five-year Special Subject of Research on Construction of Eco-economic Protective Forest System Mode 4.Be responsible for finishing the National Ninth Five-year Special Subject of Research and Demonstration of Comprehensively Controlling Degenerated Land in Sub-humid Semi-arid Area
QualificationsDoctor degree, Soil and Water Conservation and desertification Control, Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, 2008
Number of Publications100
Awards1. Win the awards of science and technical progress of China. 2. Win the honorary of the excellent science and technical worker of China. 3. Win the ad hoc allowance of the State Council of China
Other Activities1. Committee member Forestry and Soil Professional Committee China Forestry Associations 2. Committee member Wind-erosion Professional Committee China Soil and Water Conservation Associations
Publications1. YAN De-ren.2006. Discussion on Standards of Desertified Land Control Degree. Journal of desert reseach. 26 5 698-714 2. YAN De-ren. 2007. Humus feature in soil bio-crust in desert area Chinese Journal of Ecology .26(12)2017-2020 3. YAN De-ren. 2007. CharacteristiiLs of Natural Seed Dispersal and Soil Seed Bank for Natural Pinus sylvestris varmongolica Foresls in Sandy Land. Journal of Northeast Forestry University. 37(11) 111216 4. YAN De-ren.2005.Natural environment and comprehensive combating of kubiqi desert. Inner Mongolia University press.huhhot. 5. YAN De-ren.2010. Hulunbeier sandland. Inner Mongolia University Press.huhhot.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated17/08/2011 10:17:00

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