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Expert NameDr. Cunzhu Liang
DivisionCollege of Life Sciences
Telephone86 471 4992432
Work Experience1.2005-: Professor of Ecology, Biogeography and Sustainability Science, College of Life Sciences, Inner Mongolia University (IMU). Hohhot. 2.2009.12~2010.12: Visiting Scientist of Sustainability Science, School of Life Science, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ 85287. 3.2004~2006: Postdoctoral Fellow of Ecology, Peking University. Beijing. 4.2000~2004: Associate Professor of Ecology and Plant Science, College of Life Sciences, IMU, Hohhot. 5.1993~1999: Instructor of Ecology and Biogeography, College of Life Sciences, IMU, Hohhot 6.PI, The study of the areal environment change and monitoring(2007CB416600) 2007~2008.The Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China.
QualificationsB. S. Biology (Ecology), Inner Mongolia Normal University, 1988 M. S. Biology (Ecology), Inner Mongolia University, 1993 Ph.D. Ecology, Northeast Normal University, 2003
Number of Publications48
Other Activities1. The membership of the Ecological Society of America (ESA) 2. The membership of the Ecological Society of China (ESC) 3. The membership of the Botanical Society of Chnia 4. The director of Botanical Society of Inner Mongolia
Publications1. Liang, C., Z. Zhu and Z. Li. 2011. Vegetation of the Helan Mountain. Yinchuan: Yangguang Press. 2. Zhu, Z., C. Liang and Z. Li. 2011. Flora of the Helan Mountain. Yinchuan: Yangguang Press. 3. Pei, H., Z. Zhu and C. Liang. 2011. The ecological characteristic and environment protection of Alashan Desert. Beijing, China Meteorological Press. 3.Liang, C., T. Zhu and D. Zhou. 2008. The landscape pattern of the ecotone between agriculture and animal husbandry in Northeast China. Journal of Northeast Normal University (Natural Science Edition). 40(4): 121~127 4.Yin, X., C. Liang (Corresponding author) , L. Wang, W. Wang, Z. Liu and X. Liu. 2010. Ecological stoichiometry of plant nutrient at different restoring succession stages in the typical steppe of Inner Mongolia. ActaPhytoecologicaSinica. 34(1), 39~47
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