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Expert NameProf. Weishou Shen
DivisionEcological Protection and Rehabilitation, Nanjing Institute of Environmental Sciences
Telephone86 025 85287005
Emailshenweishou(at) / sws(at)
Work ExperienceI mainly engaged in ecological protection and desertification control, for recent years as research leader in the following major projects: (1) Ecological degradation and environment management in the Tibet-qinghai plateau (2009-2012); (2) Study on desertification control technologies in alpine valley of Tibet (2008-2010); (3) Studies of eco-environment criterion system and evaluation of eco-environment value in Mining Area (2005-2006); (4) Regional ecological carrying capacity and eco-safety researches assigned by Ministry of Science and Technology of China (2003-2004). As an expert of Chinese Academy of Sciences or State Environmental Protection Administration, I used to work for The National Planning of Desertification Combating in Mali (1996) and The National Planning of Desertification Combating in Ecuador (2000).
QualificationsDoctor of Science, Physical Geography, Institute of Desert Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1995. (Lanzhou, China) Master of Science, physical geography, Institute of Desert Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1986. (Lanzhou, China) Bachelor of Science, Forestry, Gansu Agricultural University, 1982. (Lanzhou, China)
Number of Publications65
Awards1. Environmental Protection of Science and Technology Award (Grade three) awarded by State Environmental Protection Administration in 2006 2. Advanced Individual for Standing Contributor of Field Work on Science and Technology honored by Ministry of Science and Technology of China (2009). 3. Science and Technology Award (Grade two) in Tibet awarded by Xizang Autonomous Region in 1993.
Other Activities1. Chief scientist of ecological conservation and rehabilitation of Ministry of Environmental Protection 2. Member of the Evaluating Committee of the National Reserve with Important Ecological Function 3. Councilor of Chinese Society of Natural Resources 4. Councilor of Chinese Society of Desertification Control and Sand Industry
Publications1. Shen Weishou, Li Haidong, Sun Ming, et al. 2010. Evolution of aeolian sand in the source region of China's Yarlung Zangbo river. // Edited by George A. Sorial, Jihua Hong. Environmental Science & Technology 2010 (II), American Science Press, 344-351. 2. Shen Weishou, Zhang Hui, Zou Changxin, et al. 2004. Approaches to prediction of impact of Qinghai-Tibet Railway construction on alpine ecosystems alongside and its recovery. Chinese Science Bulletin, 49(8): 834-841. 3. Li Haidong, Shen Weishou, Zou Changxin, et al. 2010. Spatial distribution and evolution of aeolian sandy land in the areas around Lhasa Airport (Tibet,China) since 1990. Acta Ecologica Sinica, 30(21): 5716-5727. (in Chinese) 4. Yan Changzhen, Shen Weihou, Song Xiang, et al. 2010. Impact of eco- environmental change on super flood-debris flow occurred on August 8, 2010, in Zhouqu County, Gansu. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, 24(6): 258-262. 5. Shen Weishou, Li Haidong, Zhang Tao, et al. 2009. Feasibility study of air-seeding on alpine aeolian desertified land in Tibet, China. Journal of Ecology and Rural Environment, 25(1): 106-111. (in Chinese)
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