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Expert NameDr. Yi Zhang
Telephone86 029 83212870
Work ExperienceI have been working at front of water and soil conservation almost 30 years. I wrote < Long-term Technology Development Plan of water and soil conservation of Yan´an> and which received the “first level award” of Shaanxi provincial technology while working at water and soil conservation working team. Being the chief engineer of Water and Soil Conservation Bureau of yan´an from August 1991 and the director of the World Bank Financed Projects office from April 1993. Finishingthe National key sci-tech project—“Study on Mesoscale Eco-agriculture in Middle Loess Plateau Gully and Hill Region” by combining with Chinese Academy of Sciences. The World Bank Financed Projects I taken charge of was praised by Mr. Wolfensohn who was World Bank chief of that time. Being the assist of the mayor of Yan´an City from August 2000 and Deputy Director of Water and Soil Conservation Bureau of Shaanxi Province from August 2004. I was invited to participate in “International Arid Land Eco-agricultural Academic Seminar” in October 2010 in Tokyo. Being Deputy Director of current institute from February 2008 and Director from July 2009. Taking charge of almost ten projects including the compilation of .
Qualifications): Bachelor, Hydrology, Xi´an University of Technology, 1982. Doctor, Hydrology and Water Resource, Xi´an University of Technology, 2002
Number of Publications23
Awards1. “Comprehensive Study on Eco-agricultural Construction in Loess Plateau Gully and Hill Region” got “the first level” of Shaanxi province science and technology progress award in 2002 2. “Comprehensive Water and Soil Conservation Technology Planning and Extension in Loess Plateau” got “the Second Level prize” of Shaanxi Province Technology Extension in 1999 3. Advanced Individual of Chinese Water and Soil Conservation awarded by the State Ministry of Water Conservancy in 2001
Other Activities1. Managing director of Chinese Water and Soil Conservation Association 2. Deputy Chairman of Shaanxi Water and Soil Conservation Association 3. To evaluate papers for 4. Guest Research Fellow of Research Institute of Water and Soil Conservation, the Chinese Academy of Science
Publications1. Zhang Yi. 2007, Water and Soil Conservation, a Foundation Project in Building the New Socialist Countryside, No1(2002), P6467Yangling Shaanxi 3. Zhang Yi 2001, Research on Characteristic Economy in Yan´an Shaanxi People Press,Oct. 2001, Xi´an 4. Zhang Yi 2000, Study on Soil Erosion of Loess Plateau Gully and Hill Region Research of Soil and Water Conservation No2(2000), P121124 Yangling Shaanxi 5. Zhang Yi, Cao Shixiong 1995, The Development Soil and
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