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Expert Name Huanshui Zhou
DivisionLand Desertification Monitor
Telephone86 029 83216661
Work ExperienceI took part in the General Survey and Monitor of the desertified Land in China in 1994, 1999, 2004 and 2009. I participated in GEF-FAO LADA-Local project. I also participated in the Study and Establishment of the Sandy Land GIS in the Key Region in China, the compilation of the Report of Chinese Desertification and the Atlas of Desertified and Sandified Land in China. I also took part in the national technological standard of combating desertification monitoring technological standards of desertified land. I participated in the Feasibility Studies of Ecologic Environment Construction of the Middle Reach of the Yellow River, the quality evaluation of project of the wind-sand source of Beijing and Tianjin and the Environmental Harnessing Comprehensively to Main Wind-sand Region in Ningxia Province et.
QualificationsBachelor, sand control, Inner Mongolia Forestry College, 1983
Number of Publications20
Awards1. Winner of special government allowance in 1991 2. “Jinsong” Prize of the Fifth Chinese Forestry Association 3. Advanced scientific and technological worker of national Sand Control and Desert Industry Society in 2003
Other Activities1. The Managing Director of the Fourth and Fifth Desert Branch of Chinese Geographic association 2. The Director of the Second and Third China National Sand Control and Desert Industry Society 3. The Member of Professional Control Wind Erosion committee of the second water and soil conservation association 4. THE CCD ROSTER OF INDEPENDENT EXPERTS selected in 2003 5. The member of the First technical committee of combating sandified land standardization
Publications1.State Forestry Administration(Zhou Huanshui etc.took part in),2009, Atlas of Desertified and Sandified Land in China, Science Press, March 2009, Beijing 2. Ci Longju (Zhou Huanshui etc. took part in ), 2005, Desertification and its Control in China, Higher Education Press, p299-321, July 2005, Beijing. 3. ZHOU Huanshui et al, 2002, Desertification Distribution, Dynamic and Influence on the Ecological Environment in western China, Vol.22, No.2 (2002), P112-117 4. ZHOU al, 1998, An Overview Of Desertification Disasters In China, Vol.13 No.3(1998), P67-71 5. ZHOU Huanshui, Study On the Present Situation and Area of Wind Erosion Desertified Land in China, , The Inner Mongolia University Publishing House, 1998.8, P8-14
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