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Expert NameProf. Xingmin Mu.
DivisionInstitute of Soil and Water Conservation
CityYangling, Shaanxi Province
Telephone86 29 87012563/13572265988
Work ExperienceDr. Mu is a professor training postgraduate in the field of soil and water conservation, Eco-hydrology and theory and practice of agricultural water and fertilizer management. He has been engaging in soil and water conservation, eco-hydrology, environmental impacts assessment and agro-ecology for several decades. Chaired or participated in numerous research projects. Including “The National Basic Research Program of China”, “Key projects in the national science & technology pillar program of China”, “National key scientific and technological project of China”, “Chinese Academy of Sciences West Action Plan”, “Australia Center for International Agricultural Research Project”, and so on
QualificationsBachelor, Meteorological, Beijing Agricultural University, Sep.1980–July.1984 Doctor, Agricultural Water and Soil Engineering, Northwest A&F University, Sep.1998–July.2002
Number of Publications180
Other Activities1. Soil and Water Conservation Society of China, Deputy Director 2. Hydraulic Engineering Society of China, membership 3. Meteorological Society of China, membership
Publications1. Mu Xingmin, Xu Xuexuan, Chen Jiwei. 2001, Eco-hydrology on the Loess Plateau, pp. 304, Beijing: China Forestry Publishing House 2. Mu Xingmin. 1999, Coupling effect and Collaborative management of water and fertilizer, pp. 206, Beijing: China Forestry Publishing House. 3. Mu Xingmin, Lu Zhang, Tim R. McVicar,et al.,2007, Estimating the impact of conservation measures on stream-flow regime in catchments of the Loess Plateau, China. Hydrological Progress, 21(16): 2124-2134. 4. Gao peng, Mu Xing-min, et al. 2011, Changes in streamflow and sediment discharge and the response to human activities in the middle reaches of the Yellow River. Hydrology and earth system sciences, 15: 1-10. 5. Mu Xingmin, Gao Peng, et al., 2009, Evolution of the relationship between soil and water loss and human activities in modern times in Northeast China. Science of Soil and Water Conservation, 7(5): 37-42.
DisciplineAgricultural Sciences
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