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Expert Name Zhouping Shangguan
DivisionInstitute of Soil & Water Conservation
CityYangling, Shaanxi Province
Telephone86 29 87019107
Work ExperienceExtensive knowledge in whole plant physiology, agronomy, crop production and management, plant ecology, cropping systems, plant nutrition and carbon metabolism, plant growth regulators, and soil fertilizer. Expertise in quantifying the responses of field crops to environmental stresses (e.g. water deficit, light, atmospheric CO2 concentration, and nutrients), crop-soil water relations, and effects of water stress, elevated CO2, and plant growth regulators on plant growth, development, physiological characteristics, crop yield and quality. Excellent technical and mechanical aptitude (including measuring photosynthesis, respiration, nonstructural carbohydrates, photo-assimilate translocation, water potential components, water use efficiency, irrigation scheduling, and other physiological parameters with various laboratory instruments and techniques).
QualificationsB.Sc degree, Biology, Northwestern Agricultural University, 1986
Number of Publications60
Awards1. The State Scientific and Technological Progress Award (Second Class) from State Council, China, 2004 2. The Science and Technology Award (First Class) from Government of Shaanxi Province, China, 2010 3. The Science and Technology Award (First Class) from Government of Shaanxi Province, China, 2003
Other Activities1. Chinese Society of Crop Science 2. Chinese Society of Agronomy 3. Chinese Society of Plant Physiology
Publications1 Shangguan Z.P. Soil Desiccation Formation and its Impact on Forest Vegetation in the Loess Plateau of China. International Journal of Sustainable Development and World Ecology, 2007,14:299-306 2 Shangguan, Z.P., M.A. Shao, R. Horton, T.W. Lei, Q. Lin, and J.Q. Ma. A model for regional optimal allocation of irrigation water resources under deficit irrigation and its applications. Agricultural Water Management. 2002,52(2):139-154 3 Shangguan, Z.P., M.A. Shao,J. Dyckmans. Effects of nitogen nutrition and water deficit on net photosynthetic rate and chlorophyll fluorescence in winter wheat. Journal of Plant Physiology. 2000, 156: 46-51 4 Shangguan,Z.P., M.A. Shao,J. Dyckmans. Nitrogen nutrition and water stress effects on leaf photosynthetic gas exchange and water use efficiency in winter wheat. Environmental and Experimental Botany. 2000, 44:141-149 5 Shangguan, Z.P. and Q.W. Xue. Mechanism of physiological regulation on promoting crop water use on dryland. Agricultural Sciences in China, 2003,2(9):957-963
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